Another Anime Convention

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Yup, I just came back from it. It was small, but it was pretty cool. I cosplayed as L Friday and Saturday.

I feel so stupid. Today there was this "Whose Line is it Anime?" and they were picking people from the audience. Light, L, and another person and I were picked for this one thing. And when the microphone was handed to me I stalled because I couldn't think of anything. Eventually I took some suggestions from the audience and I felt so stupid. But that's not important, The important part is what happened next.

Ok, so I handed the microphone back to Light right? Light asks for a pen and gets one from the audience, turns to me, and asks me "What's your name? First and Last please."

That was creepy.

Remind me to NEVER get on Lights bad side EVER again. 0_0

In other news I haven't seen Sora in over a week. I tried calling when I got back from the con but she wasn't there.

Annnnd.. There was Pac Man at the con. And one of the ghosts. And they'd randomly run by sometimes. That was so awesome. That convention is going to be known for Pac Man. And Reno, probably Reno. (It's a masquerade thing.)

Done now.

Edit: There were typos. That's what I get for writing journal entries when I'm half-asleep right after a convention.


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Hopefully, you had a fun time. One day I hope to cosplay as Kadaj. Where exactly was it at?

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And I want to cosplay as Riku

And I want to cosplay as Riku. But that outfit takes sewing skillz. Something I don't have. T_T

The convention was in Manchester NH. And yeah it was fun, but it's a real strange feeling having Light Yagami ask you for your name. Especialy on stage. Heh. But it was awesome.

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Anime cons are the bomb...

Anime cons are the bomb...

But I think it'd be really fun to go to a Broadwaycon.

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