Are there certain groups in your school

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I ask if there are certain groups at your school like Jocks, nerds, losers, prep's, ect...

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Every high school does. There

Every high school does. There all the same. \
Infact I've heard the real wold is just like high school, with more places to eat.

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I don't think it's true that the real world is like school. Not at all.

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i'd have to flat out

i'd have to flat out disagree. my old highschool was one mass of people who grew up together, yeah there were social groups but there werent cliques or social boundaries. you thought some one was wicked cool, you'd hang out with them, you share interests and even if you didnt you could hang out and no one really cared who was seen with who, aside from dating and an epidemic of homophobia among the younger grades it was a regular school. add me if you want
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In all honesty, I haven't rea

In all honesty, I haven't really noticed groups.

I mean, yeah, there are groups of friends... but they don't have all the same interests. There is no large jock, loser, or prep group.

But that's because my school is so large. I hear that it is much worse in other places.

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There are tons at my school..

There are tons of groups at my school.You have the preps(rich kids), jocks(athletes),nerds(over achievers)and so on!any group you can think of my schools got it.

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There Are Plenty Groups at My Skwl

at my skwl we Have the Stuck Up chiks (Rich and White Kids)
we have the Maori Kids, retards (Gueekie looking kids)
B-Ball crew (bois Hu play B-Ball everyday)

But im a normal chik i dont mind if im a maori kid because i
proud of my culture you get mocked and shit but thats
just part of life. i have alot of friends but i just keep to my
true friends.

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Oo, I am part Maori. Cool to

Oo, I am part Maori. Cool to see another NZer here.

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There used to be this group o

There used to be this group of gay people... They were seniors so they're all gone now *sob*

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Not really, but by Halloween

Not really, but by Halloween I'm going to be known as the goth kid who's too cynical and serious.

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Well, in my U we have lots an

Well, in my U we have lots and lots of groups but the good thing is they're not really defining. That said, we have the nose-stuck-up rich kids, the down-to-earth rich kids (clothing style? preppy, mostly, both), the ask-too-many-questions geeks, the snob model girls, the commies, the cool...

I belong to the down-to-earth rich kids group, I suppose.

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we have the rich preps, the

we have the rich preps, the normal kids(me), the geeks, and the punks. then there are a few goths who only talk to eachother

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Every school has the lovely little groups. Even mine, and we only have 278 kids in my entire highschool! So, of course, we don't have that many groups. You have the jocks and the rich kids and the outcasts and the hicks. Then you have my group, which we don't actually have a name for. Plus, I'm a social butterfly. Have to be. If I wasn't, I wouldn't talk to anyone in gym. Stupid non-coed rules. Oh, I've gotten off subject. Anyway, there are tons of groups in every school.

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Nah British schools aren't anywhere near as group based. There are a couple of basic groups - chavs and er, normals. But apart from that all pretty much the same

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my school has tons of

my school has tons of groups...waay too many...because we have over 2500 kids....which is a lot. The school itself is huge too....but yeah....There's the metalheads, the band geeks, the artists, ....okay...i'm not naming them all

part of the reason our school has groups is because our school decided to try this "house" thing....where we have different in college or something like that

i don't actually fit into any of the groups though...i have a group of
friends....and only two of us don't fit in with anybody...they tried to steal our corner at lunch...and we had nowhere to we just stood in the corner instead of sitting there

i've been called a japanagoth and a japanophile.....and those aren't really groups in my school...i'm not gothic either, and i don't rape japanese people

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im at school in england and

im at school in england and we have loadsa groups. We've got the chavs (idiots who run around in trackies and listen to gansgta rap thinkin they're from the ghetto when they're actually white middle class rich kids) the preps who are usually the sporty kids, the normals who tend to be the arty types and then we have the geeks. But all the drama/art/music/english kids tend to just hang out together (that would be me) so our group is kinda the biggest :)

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it's kinda funny cuz im my

it's kinda funny cuz im my school the preps are the nerds and the nerds are the jocks. Maybe that's why out football team sucks. Who knew us nerds can't play football.

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not many cliques at my school

Mleh, at my school I can't say there are any major cliques. I mean, there is a difference between the preppy rich girls and the punkish kids, but we're basically friends with whoever. Except for the smokers. We basically just stay in the pit all the time. I mean, all the time. And sometimes random non-smokers come and chat then bugger off. Except... I'm technically a non-smoker now, but all my friends are in the pit. I do have other friends though, so if they're not around I go to Macdonald's, or sit in the halls, and mingle with basically anyone.

My old friend's school on the otehr hand is reeeaaally tiny, like, 300 students which is small for southern Ontario. Waay too small. And there are major clique issues there. Not to mention extreme homophobia. I'm being invited to their semi-formal by one of my best friends, and I'm planning on bringing another girl (maybe my crush, I can hope) and dancing with her and making out on the dance floor, just to see what those soppy hicks will do. ^_^

anyway. *ahem* back on topic... I thik it mostly has to do with the population of the school, and it's location, and all that.