argh need help

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ARGH im really stressing out i told some of my friends i was bi while i was drunk and now half my friends know im scared itl get around school. I did some damage control by talking to everyone that found out and explaining to them that i didnt want them to tell anyone else. I havnt recieved a bad reaction but im scared one of might accidently tell even though they promised. Can you please give me some advice what do i do if some other school kids find out has this happened to any of you.

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*Oh no!!*

a.) Take deep breaths. De-stress. It's not worth the worry.
b.) Be thankful that you haven't gotten a bad reaction.
c.) IF people find out and react badly, remember that nothing anyone does or says can ever hurt you if you don't let it. All you can do is hope fo the best.
I'm sorry, I know, it's tough. Being out is tough. But it's ultimately good for you. Try to see it that way--it toughens you up!

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yeh i am happy that i finally told a few of my friends im far from telling everyone but im just scared of what might happen if everyone found out, i was just talking to one of my friends about it and she reckons i shud say its a rumour if it gets out that might be a gud idea but i dunno.