Because it's Halloween....

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Yeah, so I got this call on my dorm phone at four in the morning for Julio Ramirez letting him know that the Oakland Police department found his '89 white Toyota truck and that it has some damage. Julio so lives in my dorm with me at women's college.... Why would the police department call Mr. Ramirez at four a.m. just to tell him that they found his truck? His son who was missing or his wife, yeah, I can see that "We found your son Juan, Mr. Ramirez, he's perfectly fine, just got lost on the way home, a little shaken up, but otherwise alright. Feel free to stop by and collect him."

At about ten last night I was out in the hallway talking to M from ma few doors down and we were waiting for R to return from a mission to the liquor store and we heard screaming in the dorm, loud shrieking and I thought "Women's college=stupid annoying girls," but then they started yelling for everyone to get out...and I thought "Why did I leave my dorm room?" I tried to go back in my room but the RA caught me and started screaming at everyone too and seemed much too happy to be in the presence of the screamers who had made it up to our floor, they were in black face and dark clothing.

Basically the night before Halloween it's a campus tradition to take all of the freshwomen out on a ghost tour of the grounds...and as our school is pretty secluded and forrested and has a delightful campus cemetary along with some buildings that date back to 1870 and a general history that goes all the way back to 1852--seeing as California only became a state in 1849 I tend to consider that fairly old. My school is undeniably a creepy place at times and as there aren't always a lot of people around casing the grounds or even residence halls by one's self at night can be pretty scary.

I was fine on the tour, I was fine when they told us about how one of the buildings used to be the campus infirmary and abortions and things were performed there and the basement was the morgue, I was fine when they talked about the ghosts of the founders who are buried on campus, I was fine going through the cemetary, I was fine going through some of the older residence halls (the layouts of two of them are completely illogical, one has seventeen different levels and random staircases...just so strange and old) and I was fine hearing about all of the suicides that sexually repressed young women committed on campus....

Here's a link to some random info that has been compiled

I was fine on the tour, even when I found out that my room is one of the ones where people think they see strange things in the window at night. I was the one that comforted people and made light of things when they started to get freaked out and calmed them down, and I was the only one of my group who didn't latch on to someone in terror or end up screaming at the top of my lungs at any point.

So, of course I get back to my room after 12.00 and I'm up until almost three in the morning because I'm wired and can't sleep...and am, wonderfully creeped out, because I'm lame like that and the fact that I don't believe in ghosts or anything like that really seems to not matter in this situation.

I finally get to sleep only to awoken by my dorm phone...and I think, this better not be R calling in the middle of the night trying to scare me, because she's like that and was convinced that frightening me would be fun.

So, while on the tour, near the cemetary, the guides were telling us about a white car that is sometimes spotted near faculty village and how it's really strange and gives off a depressing feeling and how if you try and take a picture of it it won't show up when the film is developed. Yeah, a white car...not a white truck, but still, I feel I should find out if anyone else got on of these stupid calls and whether or not it was some kind of prank.