Birthday/Halloween Party

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Mm just went to a birthday/halloween party it was so awesome haha I had so much fun I didn't want to leave >< Oh I dressed up as a blue fairy :D

At first we just hung out at Mel's house, we ate, talked, bummed around... then we watched part of "When a Stranger Calls" but it was boring so we called it off..

Then Julie's sister went and bought some alcohol (just some *rolls eyes*) lol then we started playing spin the bottle (truth or dare) it was so fun lolz. There were so many crazy dares lol and everyone was so high lol. I got dared to kiss someone and do a strip dance and other things. Then we did heaps of other random stuff like passing this card around in a circle with our mouths and whoever drops it has to do something. Blah blah blah just can't describe it all in words~~ I just had so much fun >< Now I have to go sleep for school tomorrow


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Sounds cool. I turst you had a tutu?

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sounds fun man...

although what's w/ the dressing up as a fairy part???? and you, doing drugs???? I' shocked...drinking = ok, drugs = glad u had fun...

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