butch-femme test

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there is a fun butch-femme test on the web.


in case you're bored, or like tests :-)

If you take it, post here what the results are for you and if you agree with it.

Men can take it too, by the way.

For me the result was "soft androgyne", which is pretty much in the middle, leaning slightly towards "Femme". And I kind of like the result. It doesn't feel too far off. Just that I do like biographies, which "soft androgynes" apparently aren't supposed to ;-)

and one word on internet browsers... (didn't we have a lot about them recently?) When I first did it with firefox, something did not work. I tried it with Explorer then, and it worked. But I don't know if it has anything to do with the different browsers.

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I'm a soft androgyne too.

I'm a soft androgyne too. Gasp!

(I just wish that for once I could be something more defined. Every scale I've ever stepped on has placed me squarely in the middle.)

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Soft androgyne

These comments were so true:

For most of your life and social interaction, you don't really see yourself as either butch or femme, but if pressed into a corner, you react more femme than butch. prefer to give aid rather than to encourage someone to stand on their own feet. You're fairly well balanced over all, with the occasional weakness you haven't quite yet conquered.

Education is important to you, as you see knowledge as a key to independence and freedom, and you tend to have a higher educational level than your peers, either formally or by self-teaching. You read a lot, and a varied assortment of genres, enjoying cartoons as much as heavy psych drama. Biography, however, bores you. You like historical anecdotes but are not very good at memorizing dates, having a more general sense of time.

Your home is a roof for you and not a showplace. Order is optional. You cook if you have to and are efficient at it but really don't like to bother. You prefer to be fed. You like small dogs or big cats and the occasional hamster.

take on other Androgynes as friends.

These aren't that accurate:

You prefer to seek aid rather than solve your problems on your own, and
You enjoy a fairly strong butch for a partner, along the lines of a Feminist or Classic Butch, and Family is not terribly important to you, and odds are good you came from a home where that was not the primary issue. You may have a good, but distant relation with your family, or may not be in touch at all, but it's pretty certain you don't live with them unless you have to, or in the same city.

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i am a classic femme is that

i am a classic femme

is that bad?

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Only the second...

Strong femme. I knew that already though.

The most true part:

You are most comfortable with Androgynes and Gentle or Feminist Butches as partners, rarely dating other femmes, though admittedly physically you find them attractive. The butch "mystique" or the balance in an Androgyne attracts you more. You get along well with most types, though Extreme Femmes you find a bit overdone and aren't entirely comfortable with Extreme Butches.
--I need someone more masculine than me to have that protection thing, I'm too girly to be with another girly girl, and I have to say (no offense to anyone), that I am a bit intimidated by strong butches. Anyone have similar feelings?

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Which I suppose is fairly accurate. I feel just as at home with "yap grease" (my gf's mother's word for lipstick) as with bike grease.

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I got hard androgyne, which

I got hard androgyne, which is mostly accurate, only I'm not really into computers/gadgets. Other than that, though, it's the most accurate personality test I've ever taken.

And yeah, I'm resurecting this forum; it's cool. so there!

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This is personality test is

This is personality test is pretty interesting. I have checked the link and started clicking on the answers. When I was on the mid 20s, I scrolled down to check on how many questions left. I was surprised that it's until 100. OMG! That's too long, lol. I will definitely spare time on it over the weekend. I always get interested with personality test lately. I've also tried one personality and behavioral test lately. Maybe some of you are familiar with DiSC test. It measures the Dominance, Influence, Compliance and Steadiness. I got high score on S which indicates that I am a good listener, understanding, and a team player. My weakness on the other hand is that I am sensitive to criticism. So far it turned out to be accurate. You may try to check out your scores too on your personality types and behavioral styles and see if it turns out be correct. Well, I'll be back during the weekends here to post my androgyne test.

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I fucking hate these quizzes.

But I was bored, so the moderate entertainment was worth the cringing at the language of the questions and answers.

I'm pretty sure this was designed for women, but I got androgyne, which for some reason surprised me. The description seems to fit.

"You are the best of both worlds, and have absolutely no feeling of being either femme or butch. You see yourself as "you" and that's all that matters. You dislike labels, surprised yourself by even taking this test, and are now laughing as you identify with this definition!"


"You are shy in many ways, being intimidated by overt aggression as well as complete silence in a conversation. You tend to babble to fill silent space and clam up when confronted.

Odds are good astrologically that you are a Libra, Pisces, Gemini, or Aquarius."

And now I just want to know how the fuck they knew this about me. I thought nobody else was like that, and the astrology thing has to be a coincidence.

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This thread.