Can anyone recommend me some good fantasy/sci fi novels with gay main characters?

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Personally, I LOVE Mercedes Lackey, but does anyone know anything else that's good? I'm really looking for some high fantasy, but sci fi is good too.

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Why do the main characters have to be gay?

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Well, for one thing, because I'm interested to see what's out there. I've read a ton of scifi fantasy with straight main characters and I want to see if there's anything good with gay main characters. Why SHOULDN'T the main characters be gay? I'm certainly open to general recommendations as well.

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Fantasy Novel featuring Young Gay Heroes

I've just published my first novel, Orphan's Quest. It is the first volume of an epic Fantasy trilogy called Chronicles of Firma which features young gay heroes. You can check it out and order signed copies on my website:

It will be on and other online bookstores soon, but my price is lower and all my copies come autographed free of charge. There's also a link on my site called "Spread the Word". This leads to a flyer that you can download and post wherever you think it might generate some sales for me. Since I'm a new author, and doing all my own publicity and marketing, this would help me out a great deal. If anyone has a webpage of their own and would like to link to mine, that would also be great.

Hope you enjoy the book! Volume two, Scion's Blood is already in the works.

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what's the title of the movie???

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Uh. . .sorta, kinda

Part #1-
Part #2-
Part #3-

The illustrations-

Alternative, wacky, irreverent, some sections are good, some aren't, but the series covers everything and then some, as far as relationships go. Suggest you read 'The Wooing Of Etain'
( )
before starting the series, though; to know the history of the characters. It's an Irish myth elaborated, if you pardon the self-promo. But hey! It doesn't cost anything.

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I know of a diff. genre

I know that there's a really good manga that's centered around two gay men, it's called Gravitation. It's pretty good, the funny thing is, is that i used to not like it because at that time i was insecure about my sexuality.

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Baron Harkonnen in the Dune series is gay. He's the main villain. Count Fenring (minor character) is bisexual. Granted, both of them are evil and I think their homosexuality is supposed to be perverse. Are there any non-perverse gays in Dune?

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You're right.

You're right. Harkonnen's homosexuality is supposed to make him all the more sick and twisted. There aren't any positive gay portrayals in Dune as far as I know.

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The Fishspeakers in God Emperor of Dune are lesbians, I think. They're an Amazon-like army that has orgies. I don't think they're protrayed negatively.

Anyway, that's the biggest fault I find in Dune, even though I really like it. There should be a positive gay portrayal...

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This has driven me crazy for years

This has driven me crazy for years. Besides Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald Mage Trilogy and the Nightrunner trilogy by Lynn Flewelling, about the only time you see gay characters in Sci-Fi or Fantasy are as freaks or psychos, or else in such minor roles as to be completely forgetable. That's why I've decided that all of my novels are going to star strong, positive gay characters. It's not because I have anything against heterosexuals, but there's ten thousand other people out there writing SF and Fantasy novels with straight heroes. They don't need me. By making this the focus of my writing career, I figure I'm helping my community as well as putting out (hopefully) good work. I hope that one day there'll be other gay writers who'll tackle this genre. For some reason, the only genre fiction you see from gay authors now are either mysteries or vampire stories. I mean, I like a good gay vampire story as much as the next person, but come on. Ok, that's enough bitching. Buy my book, y'all. :-)

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You mean Anne Rice & Christopher Rice? heh

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Hey guys... i dont know if this would technically be classified as "fantasy"... but they are pretty magical and fantastickal! LOL
The "Dangerous Angels" series by Francesca Lia Block:
the first book is called "Weetzie Bat". There are 2 gay male characters in it, and they appear in every book in the series. but one of the books, "Baby Be-Bop" completely focuses on one of the gay boyz (outlining his life story and struggle with his identity, etc. kinda like a prequel to the first book)
And someone above mentioned Anne Rice. I've only read "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty", and id recommend it, but be FOREWARNED. it is quite sexually VIOLENT. it has lots of sadism and bondage and pain and stuff... which some ppl are into! but hey, others are disturbed by it. It has like, girls whipping and fucking other girls, guys ass-raping eachother, straight sex, group sex, and all kinds of other crazy stuff. Worth ur while.

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Another great Anne Rice work (besides the Vampire Chronicles) is Cry to Heaven. It's all about the castrati, the castrated boys that used to sing in the Italian church choirs. The characters aren't really gay in the modern sense, but there is plenty of homoerotic content. Nothing explicit like the Sleeping Beauty books. It's a great read though. I highly recommend it.

- Pat Nelson Childs

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A few books...

In Julian May's "the Saga of Pliocene Exile" series, one of the main characters, Felice, is a lesbian. Actually, she's called a homophile (the books were written in the 80's) and she's a bit psychotic and power-hungry, but she certainly isn't the villian. I mean, she's not portrayed in an incredibly negative way, and I've always been rather fond of her. :) At one point the author compares her to Artemis; she's kinda like a feminist whose feminist attitude is on steroids. And she is part of the group of protagonists. It's sci-fi, by the way.

"Fires of the Faithful" and its sequel "Turning the Storm" are fantasy books whose main character is a lesbian. They're not amazing, but they're pretty good--enjoyable, anyhow.

Also, Anne McCaffery's "Dragonriders of Pern" series contains bit gay characters.

Hope that helps!

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Felice was one of my favorite characters in the books.

Man does she ever kick ass. =)

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There's a lesbian couple in

There's a lesbian couple in Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic series, although it's never explicitly stated that they're together, and one of the main characters is gay, although that doesn't happen until Will of the Empress (the last book).

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There's also a secondary

There's also a secondary lesbian character in her Protector of the Small series.

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There is? Who? I can't think

There is? Who? I can't think of anyone. Granted, I haven't read them in about five years, but I was pretty obsessed with them--I would've noticted that, I think...

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Kel's maid, Lalasa (I think

Kel's maid, Lalasa (I think that was her name – it's also been about four or five years since I've read them <_<). She and the dressmaker – Tian, I think the name was? – are together.

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Have to read the book again now -- never noticed that! Kel expresses a pretty clear support of that sort of relationship, though. And yes, the Circle of Magic books and Will of the Empress have lesbian characters.

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Dryland's End

Dryland's End by Felice Picano has a whole society that is based on same-sex relationships. It's kind of a space opera, but it has lots of fantasy elements thrown in.

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I recommend the Silent

I recommend the Silent Empire books by Steven Harper. It's a pretty good space sci fi. All sentient minds are connected to a place called The Dream, and without them it would cease to exist. Only a small percentage of genetically gifted beings, called the Silent, can consciously access it. The main protagonist is gay.

Also the NARC Series by Mel Keegan, another space sci fi, the two main characters, a gay male couple, are Co-captains in the paramilitary force NARC, they're battling the drug syndicate that manufactures and distributes a lethal drug called Angel.

Another book by Mel Keegan, Aquamarine is more possible future than sci fi, in the not too distant future, the world is mostly water. On the floating city-state Pacifica a new race has been engineered, Aquarians, who can breath under water. The two main characters is again a gay male couple, one of whom is an Aquarian.

There's Do Over, a really good online series by Dan Kirk. Involves time travel and alternate timelines.

I haven't had as much luck finding good fantasy with gay characters. I probably couldn't name anything you haven't heard of before. Maybe I just have to look harder.

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books to read and help request!

Heh I was searching for new gay fantasy books to read and came across this posting...heartily second the "Last Herald-Mage" and "Nightrunner" recomendations and also add in Diane Duane's "Tale of the Five" series starting with "Door into Fire". Storm Constantine's "Wraeththu" books (now a double trilogy!!) must be read, they are truly inspired with lots of positive energy and my favorite fantasy future earth story. The first is called "The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit". Also published as a 3-in-1 called simply "Wraeththu".

Now reading "Kirin Kirith" on advice from a started out slow with lots of backstory right at the begining but is really turning into an enchanting fantasy world. A young country lad is taken off to be the new temple boy for a powerful warrior who happens to be needing a boyfriend and gets so much more than he wishes...lots more to it and I'm just getting started!

Now can someone help me out? A friend had a gay themed barbarian type book that started out with a group of guys kind of almost rescuing/kidnapping a young man and taking him with them off to an adventure...he was put on a horse behind a dark sinewy warrior wearing nothing but a strip of cloth looped between his legs and over his shoulder with a big ropy scar on his back. What an awesome image! I just had a chance to peak at the first bit and now can't remember the title!! Help? Anybody?

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I can think of a dozen

I can think of a dozen authors or more who write predominantly or just really excellent gay fantasy or sci-fi.

These are authors where most/all of their books have a variety of characters of all sexualities, major and minor. A good percentage have out-and-out queer heroes.

Mercedes Lackey
Fiona Patton
Tanya Huff
Melissa Scott
Lisa A. Barnett
Lynn Flewelling

These are authors who've written outstanding gay-hero literature that isn't part of their normal body of work, but excels anyway.

Diana Gabaldon, Lord John and the Private Matter
Peter Lefcourt, The Dreyfus Affair

Hope this helps!

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One of the best i can

One of the best i can possibly recomend is the SAGA OF THE RENUNCIATES by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The two main heroins are a lesbian couple, and its quality fantast/scifi, not at all trashy. She's done a bunch of other stuff, although most of her blatently GLBT stuff is done under pen names, which you can find easily on Wiki if you care to.
I think she's even done some stuff w/ Mercedes Lackey.
Enjoy ; )

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This site has a lot of good

This site has a lot of good recommendations.

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Ricardo Pinto

Ricardo Pinto's "dance of the stone camelian" has been a recent favorite of mine - The chosen, the standing dead and now his new book The Third god, are well worth the read. You glbt content doesn't really appear till the end of the first book but then becomes a major turning point there on in.

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The Torchwood novels are

The Torchwood novels are pretty good, but they are even better if you watch the show along with it. Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones are awesome as a couple. Plus pretty much every main character is bi-sexual. The series is written by Russell T. Davies after all.

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Supernatural novel with Gay Characters

Hi, my name is Dave Chappuis and I just published my first novel called Midnight's Edge: The Secrets of Sleepy Meadows.

It's the first in a series of novels. It's more gothic/supernatural in the lines of Dark Shadows but has fantasy elements.

Two of the main characters are gay men and there are other gay characters. Here's my website - You can read the beginning excerpt from the media page.

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for Fantasy books there's

for Fantasy books there's Ash, by Malinda Lo, which is a retelling of Cinderella except the main character is probably lesbian/possibly bi. I think there's going to be a companion novel coming out soon as well.

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One Day

I am a budding author!

Currently, I am writing a book called Bloodlines, in which two of the central characters form a gay relationship. I have yet to finish it, but am not too far off, and hope to try and get it published.

Maybe one day, eh?

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New Fantasy Ninja Series

Beneath the Shadows is the first book of the Legend of a Ninja series authored by Jarius Raphel. The lead character is a strong gay male named Wrath. He is a ninja of the Iofrehn clan and has fallen in love. Emotion of any kind is against their rules.

The characters in this series are gay, bi and straight. Some people say that this book is misleading because it doesn't openly announce a character's gay orientation. I think there needs to be more books out there like this. Falling in love, regardless of who with, is the same for everybody.

If anyone is interested, here's the link to the website:

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Hey ummm I know it may not

Hey ummm I know it may not mean anything at this point, but I am in the process of writing my first fansty novel and the main charater will be a gay young man... if anyone on here wants a copy of the first chapter as a sample then just PM me and let me know what you guys think. This is my first book and I hoping people will enjoy it :D

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I've actually looked at this

I've actually looked at this thread for reference sometimes, since I'm totally interested in finding some of this too. I've read some amazing lesbian sci-fi by Nicola Griffith, one of which explores gender, and they are all very well written, and they don't dwell on the fact the characters are gay, but address it as any story would when dealing with straight characters. It's just kinda assumed. I really can't recommend these books enough. Ammonite and Slow River are her sci fi books, and then she ventures into crime/mystery with The Blue Place, Stay, and Always. I would highly recommend any of these books. Though all her crime/mystery novels belong to the same series. Hope this helps someone!
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Richard Morgan has a fantastic book out where the main character, Ringil, is a very strong gay man. It's called "The Steel Remains" and is just amazing! The sequel, "The Cold Commands" is also coming out soon!

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I don't really know if this

I don't really know if this would fall under fantasy, but if you're into furries then i have a small list of books that feature gay characters.

Out of Position - Kyell Gold

Waterways - Kyell Gold

Seeing Spots - cant remember

Bridges - Kyell Gold

I thought they had a really good story, if you don't plan on reading them at least give them a look over.

other than that i haven't run across a whole lot of books with gay characters. Some good fantasy books whose characters are straight are The Mortal Instruments series by Casandra Clare. Hope this helped! :)

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The Destiny of Ethan King

The Destiny of Ethan King has a gay main character. It's an urban fantasy that I just finished reading on the Kindle. The author's name is Martin Cosgrove. It's one of the best novels I've read recently.

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Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse

This series is set in a kind of alternative medieval world and has a lot of gay characters, though not all of them are gay. The story takes its time to establish its setting and present the main characters. There are some very explicit sexual scenes and also some very cruel events happening.
The author offers a free read of the first twelve chapters of the series on his website. There are also links to download these chapters in mobi or epub.
To give you an idea, here are some reviews of the first book on Amazon

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There's a book

by Ursula LeGuin, I can't remember the name but all but 1 of the characters changes gender constantly and it's a very interesting exploration of gender in a sci-fi setting. Basically it's about the very, very far distant future where all of these humanoid people have come togther, and the human main character is trying to get this new planet to join them. What he doesn't realize is that the entire planet is inhabited by people who only have a gender one day out of each year, and he has to learn to navigate through this culture.

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Diane Duane wrote a wonderful trilogy decades ago

And not only does it have LGBT representation, but in her world, they're not outliers.

Here is a link to the first novel. I can recommend it wholeheartedly. And the whole series.

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R.M. Meluch

One of my all time favorite sci-fi books with a main gay character is by R.M. Meluch and titled Sovereign. I believe she has a few others, at least one other, with a gay character.

Although not overtly gay, I would also recommend Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein and The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Leguin.
The former due to its unintentional (I think) homoeroticism and the latter due to its handling of gender issues in an interesting way (if you are a trekkie, it reminds me of a certain episode of The Next Generation where Riker falls in love with a "genderless" humanoid).

Good luck!

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Try my newly published...

Elven Story by Isak Ranksouls is an epic roadtrip with traditional fantasy characters spiced up with foul language, generations-crossing timeline, a rich world, psychological/philosophical/sexual themes...

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if it hasn't been said already...

"Dr. Who" has an Omnisexual carictor (capt. jack harkness) and he's the main in the spin-off "torchwood"... however if you're looking for books, try to find a thin-ish book called "boy meets boy" as well as the book i am currently writing...(No, this post was NOT just shameless publicity...)
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yeah, Boy Meets Boy is pretty good

also Will Grayson, Will Grayson is hilarious.

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I've started writing a story with a Russian agender with a god complex as the main character. I wasn't passionate enough about the story, though, so I only got like a page down before I just decided to quit completely. There was no true theme to it, so I wasn't motivated to continue.

If only that happened when Stephanie Meyer was writing Twilight

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Anarchy of the gods, by James Ash (cheap good read)

It's a fantasy novel recommended to me by a friend. I've been reading it and so far I love it. The best part is the way the author treats the gay relationships and characters. Welcome to a world where being gay is perfectly normal. There are both gay and straight protagonists and antagonists. There are some graphic sex scenes (gay and straight), but it's not the majority of the book, and once I read past those the rest of the plot was amazing. It really tackled some tough questions.

It was a great book with characters that happened to be gay, not a book about gay people that happened to have some aspects of a non-gay-centered plot.

I tried to find more books by this author, but didn't have much luck. There wasn't a website or email link in the book either, but the ending says it will be a series, and it was only 2.99 US.

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Ashe, or Huntress

by Malinda Lo. She's a very good fantasy author & doesn't make a big deal out of gay relationships

The ducks will get you!

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the "true blood"-based books...

they have gay fae folk, and a few lesbians so far...(i'm on like page ninetyfive of the first book i've read in the series...)
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