Damn, I almost came out yesterday!

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Damn, I almost came out to Evangeline and Faith yesterday.

We went to the movies and Christopher (one my male bfs - I don’t think I’ve mentioned him) was not gonna come with, so I decided that was the day, I would come out to both of them and let them deal with it together. Then, Christopher decided to come and I changed my mind, seeing as I didn’t wanna tell him. So, I let fate decide: if he came, I wouldn’t come out to the girls, if he didn’t, I would.

He didn’t after all, but I still didn’t come out. I was ready, the words were on my mouth but I couldn’t get them out. We were in my car and we were talking about sex and I was thinking… “Come on, say it - you’re gay. Say it!


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How come that happens?! I hat

How come that happens?! I hate that....you syke yourself up and are all ready to do it, then when the time comes the words just won't come out! At least you left it off with her expecting to hear something important from you soon.....maybe that will make it easier to get it out next time you see her.

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I know what you mean by how anoying that is,I almost told one of my friends a while ago,had the perfect opportunity and I backed out because I was too much of a wuss!Well best of luck when you do dude.

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don't rush

Don't beat yourself up too badly, it takes time to get the courage to come out. when the time is right, it will happen. don't rush it because if you do there might be negative repurcussions that you hadn't prepared yourself for. just remember that it's okay to take your time. good luck when you do!

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