depressed (aka: nothing new)

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unrequited love sucks ass. im kind of depressed right now (not unusual). i guess today just wasnt my day. but hey, thats what oasis is for, right? im in love with a guy i cant....well, not cant, but probably wont have. uugghh.....o well. hes so cute. i want him SO BAD!!! some of my friends tell me that he stares at me during chorus or whatever, but i dont listen to them. i wish it was true though. *sigh* but hey, dont listen to me being depressed and crabby, im not here to bring people down, so please, messgage me. anyone. any random person. if youve never read my posts before, send me a message telling me about whats going on in your life. i LOVE to make cyber-friends!!! ^_^

Love Love,
Jae Jae


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I'm going to go get dinner an

I'm going to go get dinner and then shower and watch Heroes and some idiotic Deal or No Deal and maybe Pride and Prejudice (yay Canada and TMN on Demand! It's pretty much DirectTV for movies and for 'free' with cable package). But buck up, you're a saucy six/seven-teen year old girl, right?! That guy is probably hot, but remember appearances aren't everything, and if your friends weren't kidding maybe there's something there! If you're attracted to someone, you should go with it! I don't think anyone's *one* sexuality, although there are definately some people that are highly 'straight' or 'gay' or 'lesbian', but I think everyone has the potential to be attracted to all sorts of different people. You should 'accidentally' drop your chorus book/notes/a pen/money one day right in front of him and he'll bend down to pick it up for SURE and then you'll get a lookie (dirty, but haha) and he'll smile at least and you can smile, and say 'hey, my name's La Fonda, you're Simba, right?' and take it from there! Peace out, and frizzfro here can attest to the wonders of pineapple-y. So say pineapple. Now add an 'e' sound to the end. Pineapplieeeeeeeeeeeee, pineapple-y, say it over and over and giggle with delight! :D Laterdays