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In light of the upcoming election day I have decided to write a rant on the ever popular bashing of the opponent.
Why is it that every year we simply cannot have an election where the opponents do not verbaly attack their opponent? I can't turn on a T.V. without seeing someone say that another person is completely lying to the general public and should not be (re)elected.
I know that as United States citizens we have the right to talk bad about another person, but some of these ads are getting just rediculous. It is one thing to attack an opponent because they did something wrong, but to attack their oppenents family is just wrong.
This sort of thing is happening in my state at the moment. We have the Republican incubent Jim Talent attacking the family of Democrat Claire McCaskill because of something her husband did. (In case you're wondering, he attacked her husband, saying that he avoided paying his taxes for three years.)
So, I have come up with the question: In an election, should opponents be able to attack their opponent because of something their family did? My answer to this, of course, is no. That's why, in this election, I am a firm supporter of Claire McCaskill. (Well, it's not the only reason, but you get the general idea.)
Just in general I am tired of seeing ads about what the other person has done wrong. Just shut up and say what you'll do right. Trust me, the government does not need anymore conflict.

I'm Chris Helton, and I approve of this message.


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Mmm, Drama on a Grand Scale

Ahahaha. I got some shit about the democratic candidate lying in the mail. One pamphlet for each family member. I don't think anyone bothered to read the cover besides me. Hmph. :]

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Lol dude...

we were just talking about this exact thing this morning in my 20th century dictatorships class...yeah, I am pretty damn sick of it too, especially when the candidates come on in the end and say, " I'm so and so, and I approved this message. Maybe if they would spend some of the negative campaign money on the national deficit or on issues facing us, and not those they are running against, this country wouldn't be so bad off. I seriously do hate those ads though...nothing but muckraking, mud-flinging lies to sway the public opinion of a good candidate...geez

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Politicians have fucked up lives like everyone else. Move past it people. Not that they can accept that. Still otherwise they'd have to talk about policy and that flies over most people's heads. Easier to take the slagging route

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