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So I have a fifteen meal plan here at college and today is the last day of the week before it starts over and I discovered this morning that I still have eleven meals left. I have no idea where I was eating over the course of the last week, but this means that I have to load up on things like beverages and other storeable snacks from the cafe and tea shop on campus so that I won't feel as though I wasted money...eleven meals is the equivalent of 55 strawberry fantas--what am I supposed to do with that much fanta?

Oh, and people have started hitting on me at work. It's weird. Women's college is strange.


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Wow that's a lot of fanta. I say get coke instead coz you'll get hooked and then be grateful you have a shitload of coke to drink. Or pepsi if you prefer. And yay for people hitting on you?

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Great now i have the fanta so

Great now i have the fanta song stuck in my head lol. Go with pepsi and fiji water and some fanta.

Don't judge me so harsh little girl