Favourite TV Show

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Hey guys,
I have to survey a large group of people for my statistics class, the question is: what's your favourite TV show? If you could put down what it is along with your initials (don't ask me why, I'm just doing what they tell me) I'd really appreciate it!

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The L Word. K.H. or if you

The L Word. K.H.

or if you don't want an obviously queer response... Six Feet Under.

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favorite tv show

lost and house M.D

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Nip/Tuck EMH Love



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What' up dood!

My name is Steve and I go to U.N.L.V.

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Love This Show!

Modern Marvels on The History Channel.

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yeah GREY'S ANATOMY.....and n

yeah GREY'S ANATOMY.....and not just cuz the girls are hot.....well, somewhat. but seriously. awesomest show ever B.H.

she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making

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Desperate Housewives B.A.

Desperate Housewives B.A.


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i'm guessing it should be one

i'm guessing it should be one that they're still running new episodes of, if that is the case, then Saturday Night Live. if it's anything, then Will and Grace. M. A. M.

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South Park initials: BB

South Park
initials: BB

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Extras. JW (total gervais whore)

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Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives. NC

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Scrubs. R.L. "Yes! N

Scrubs. R.L.

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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south of nowhere or family gu

south of nowhere or family guy

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Greys' Anatomy...

Grey's Anatomy..if not South of Nowhere, (L.D.T)

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Cold Case. JW "When t

Cold Case. JW

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Futurama, fsmily guy, the simpsons,scrubs,greys anatomy


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Grey's Anatomy M.B.T. -Hav

Grey's Anatomy M.B.T.

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Veronica Mars

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CSI - Las Vegas, M.E hi i

CSI - Las Vegas, M.E

hi i have lost my mind somewhere, but if you leave my name adn your sexual fantasies, i'll get back to you about your problem

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CSI = awesomeness CW "She's

CSI = awesomeness

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South of Nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TV Show

Um...Family Guy

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Insert Intresting Title Here

Not much of a tv addict since I always seem to have my nose stuck in a book, so it's always changing......right now it's probably Heroes or Ghost Whisperer though.


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CSI: Crime Scene Investigatio

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Antique Road Show
Grey's Anatomy
Criminal Minds
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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Drawn together

the animation...It has Xander in it who is gay and so cute..
I wish I could be a cartoon with him..BTW the show is on Comedy Central and at night...you can look it up on the web and enjoy it too.

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drawn together is cool. id

drawn together is cool.

id say extras, but i also seem to watch the x factor, tragic innit.

would it be wrong to mention battlestar gallactica? probably.

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that 70's show m.d. noth

that 70's show
nothing iz real
john lennon

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Favorite TV show

Grey's Anatomy
Criminal Minds
From: HS

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My Favourite programme

my favourite Proggrame is
Home and Away Coz Lyk Dia is spunkie
guys that come and go so yeah Home and Away.
another is Grey's Anatomy coz theres alot of dramaz on there.
That 70's show coz they are all crack up pplz
Prison Break becoz scoffeilf is so hot

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From Lima PERU ......

Grey's anatomy
Blind Justice

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Queer as folk
The L word
South of nowhere
America's next top model
lots more ;D



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Will & Grace Justice House

Will & Grace
Gilmore Girls


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House! geys anatomy the L w

geys anatomy
the L word
law and order
miami ink

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Degrassi South Of Nowhere G

South Of Nowhere
General Hospital
Wild N Out


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tv shows

South of Nowhere
The L Word


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buffy the vampire slayer gre

buffy the vampire slayer
greys anatomy
south of nowhere
family guy
gilmore girls

<3 Devlin

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TV shows

I'm guessing the survey thing's not still going, but just for the record:

Will and Grace (by far my favorite show)
House, MD
Family Guy
South of Nowhere
most Discovery Health documentaries

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Hmm I need to go watch House soon.

How It's Made
Myth Busters


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x-filesugly bettythat 70

ugly betty
that 70s show
will and grace
xena warrior princess
buffy vampire slayer

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TV shows

House M.D
Six Feet Under
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The west wing.

The west wing. T.J.V.D.L.
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Gilmore Girls The

Gilmore Girls
The Office
Ghost Hunters

initials: BB

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buffy the vampire

buffy the vampire slayer
south of nowhere



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I assume this stopped being

I assume this stopped being for a school project.

But, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Secondly, probably Grey's, L Word, or South of Nowhere. (Anyone know where I can find season 3 of SoN online?)

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season 3 of SoN online



"Duck tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together."

"The best way to do is to be." --Lao Tzu
"To do is to be." --Freidrick Neitzche
"To be is to do." --Emanuel Kant

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Pokemon, Family Guy, Robot

Pokemon, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Reno 911, Drawn Together... I have a lot of favorites!

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i think thats all

This is sad i havnt seen anyone mention this yet.
LA ink
Boy meets world (which i dont think they show anymore : ()
So you think you can dance
From: ND

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one word...


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Buffy Bones Law & Order

Law & Order SVU
Independent Lens
In the Life
The L Word
South of Nowhere