Flirts, friends, and flowers.

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Today was interesting... To say the least.

Okay, so Sora called me, and told me to come over, and, her sister and I hung out until thier other sisters got home from school, and we talked while waiting, and Sora and I started planning our "wedding" hehe. It was so funny, Demyx would play music, and Roxas would sing (Because his voice actor is some singer dude) and stuff. And I decided that Sora would wear the dress, because he's girlier than Riku.. X3 And so her sisters get back, and we hang out and chat and listen to ring tones, and Sora tells everyone that we're "engaged" (She used to do that a while back, but she stopped. Now she does again. Hehe.) And we're just walking and chatting, (She winked at me twice today.) one of her sisters boyfriends joined us. Sora told him about our "being engaged" and he's like "So you're lesbians?" and she's like "yeah!" and I was laughing so hard, mostly because if I wasn't I would have to say something. She kept saying "I'm sorry." while laughing about it but I don't know why. It was funny. And he's like "so you came out of the closet?" And she's like "yup" and I sort of nod... And still laughing. And her sisters are like "Not really" (But I didn't notice they said that till later. Otherwise I would have said something about it.) (We're all still walking by the way.) and it was so silly. I always love walking around in big groups.

So, Sora and I are just talking, her sisters are walking a bit ahead of us. And I tell her about my sister sending me a birthday card, and I haven't gotten it yet, but my mom called me about it. And how I miss my sister. And she hugged me, and then she told everyone else to hug me. And so I was nearly crushed under like 5 people. It was funny. I felt better afterwards though. Hugs are the best.

So, we go back to her house, and she stays out and talks to me. We sit under our tree. (That's what we call it anyways.) And I've been acting really flirty all day, (Felt so girly. XD) trying to see what her reaction to that would be. (Apparently it's a positive one.) We sat really close to each other, and our legs were touching. I think that was on pourpse. We sat and spoke, and then walked around a bit. We picked some flowers, they smell like caremel, we picked the same kind last year. We split the flowers, so she got half and I got half. We talked about future jobs. She told me that she has a photo album that she wants to put just pictures of her and me in. That made me smile. But we don't have any pictures like that... Except for a few digital ones... And I don't have a printer. Next time we go somewhere together I'll like, get a disposable camera.

And I complained a little.. About how I'm turning 14 and still haven't been on a date before. Went like this:

Me: Look at me, I'm turning 14 soon and I've never been on a date before. I'm so slow.
Her: I haven't been on a date before either.
Me: But at least you've been kissed, that's ahead of me.
Her: If you count three seconds.
Me: That's still better than me.

I dunno but, she hasn't said anything about that boy who kissed her at all since she told me about it the first time. Except for when I brought it up today. Not a single word. I wonder what happened. (Something good happens and she tells the world, but when something bad happens she tends to keep to herself. Which sort of has me worried.)

I was kind of worried about telling her (how I feel about her.) today, since even when we were outside together her brother was helping the neighbor with lawn chores so he probably could have heard me. And I really want us to be somewhere private when I tell her. But now I really want to tell her, because I think she might have been flirting back... And now I'm curious... Well, even more curious.

I'm supposed to meet her online later. And I'm going to keep these flowers forever. (Haha, I still have the ones from last year actually.)

And you want to hear something totally random? Our periods are synched apparently. We both started this morning. Hehe.

Today was fun. And I feel really special right now. Hey, you'd feel special too if you were me. *sings happily*