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Oi vei (sp?), I'm starting to feel alot better as far as the suicide is, but I think that my attitude about life has remained the same. I'm not sure what to type here because this last week has been quite a bore. Well, except for a few things.

Alot of my good friends seem to be mad at me. One of them just said some rude remark and walked off. She's not even my friend, or at least, I don't think so. She's quite bipolar as far as her attitude towards our relationship is. She told me that I was one of her best friends. (Note: We were practically glued together last year, but we got in a series of fights that led to us spliting up at the end of last year.) I had asker her out on the field during band practice if she had said anything nice to me that year, yet she said no and walked away. We stopped talking for a month, but then, we began conversing at a marching band tournament. Since then, we had progressively been healing our wounds until she said that rude remark and trotted off. I have no idea what to do, but it's out of my hands. If she wants to be friends, it's up to her. I'm ready to make the change. It's not like that hasn't happened before, hence saying this week has been a bore.

We had a football game to entertain last night, and we played some football team from Stone Mountain. Unfortunately for them, they lost 50-0. I feel bad, and I understand their situation. I had been on a horrible football team for quite some time when I was younger. I quit because I simply hated the game. The team that I was on always lost; we didn't just lose. We always got creamed.

In other news, I've been strengthening my relationship with a few people, and they seem like people I really want to hang out with instead of the mind-boggling, time-consuming, rude friends. They're really quite nice and fun to hang out with. They aren't rude, mean, sheltered, or clingy. I just fear the day they're on their period. o_o


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Im glad that that yourte star

Im glad that that yourte starting to feel better. Its good that youre strengthing your relationship with people you want to hang out with. Bitchy people can be so annoying. This may sound stupid but did you change your oasis name? i couldve sworn it was something else.

I love the pain, I hate the pain.