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I feel like just dropping my life and moving to Tibet. I yearn for the beauty and the freedom of Tibet. To me, It just seems like a totally different world. I need to get away from the world. I'm sick of people, of worrying. I just want to be free.

Today, I watched a hawk circle the sky (this sounds so cliche), and I ran out to the bathroom to cry. I'm like a ticking bomb of emotions. Everyone says it's just because I am a teenager. Okay, thanks for the sex ed lesson, but it's beyond being young. Maybe teenagers know more about freedom than the rest of the world. I mean, we're the few that dream. Old men and women sit in their cubicles of their dead end job wondering what happened to their plans to be a model, an actress, to have fun at what they are doing. Instead, they end up in a job for worry-aholics, making jokes with their co-workers in the staff lounge. I swear, I will grow up different. I WILL get away from America. I could care less about love. I just want away from the hustle and bustle, in a land so far away.

Should I feel selfish by doing this? Leaving everyone behind to end up miserable? Maybe, I'll go to Tibet, stay for a few years, then want to go back. I don't know, but what's going on now isn't working; I know for a fact, that at the pace I'm going, life isn't going to get any different.

I'm going to go meditate on this tonight.


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yeah, i know what you mean ab

yeah, i know what you mean about dreaming, maybe thats why adults are so boring sometimes. i guess everyone wants to grow up and be different, but at somepoint its just easier to be like everyone else. as far as feeling selfish, i wouldn't if i were u at all.

hugs, luck, and peace

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I don't think that's a selfis

I don't think that's a selfish thought. After all, if everyone thought for themselves and made their lives as good as possible, the world would be a far better place. Wings only come to those who fly.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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There is no Tibet. Only where Tibet used to be, now taken over by Communist China, the Tibetan government/Dalai Lama are now in Dharmsala, india.

I was in Thailand for six weeks, and loved being away from American culture and such. In fact, that is now a prerequisite for when i travel. I like going somewhere where there isn't much English spoken, all the signs are in a different language, and I just have to make do... it was so nice shutting all this stuff off.

Of course, at 13, you're still in America for five years minimum, so best to come up with some plan to make that work for you. Although, i think having goals to work toward is a good thing.

Look into getting certified to teach English as a Second Language, as you can then tour Asia for as long as you want and never lack for work. The course costs about $3K in SF, I know.

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I'm talking about the region Tibet. I guess I should say the Himalayas, but I referred to Tibet. :P

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