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So there's this girl, and we would flirt I asked her out over the weekend. She said yes, now we're going out and when we came to school half the people knew already even though between the two of us we only told 4 people, who told no one else. Word gets around quickly at my school, and I think it has something to do with, I don't know another gay couple at my school, I just don't. I'm sure there are many, they just aren't known about, spoken about or critisized like me and my girlfriend are.

Surprisingly my family has made many remarks like, "well, YOU don't have a girlfriend!" and "how would you know, you're not dating anyone!" And that is untrue, though I've only told my brother because I don't want my whole extended family to come down from Kansas and expect to meet her, cause they would.

My grandmother is in and out of the hospital and the kind of eerie part is, everytime she goes in tehre for something being wrong, she ends up needing a toe amputated which isn't fun. I should be happy, but I'm in kind of a haze because I just had a friend come home from having her apendix removed, my girlfriend probably has a staff infection and will be hospitalized for it if she does, and my grandmother. That is a touchy subject because everyone knows she is going to die, it's the sad truth because well... you can't live forever and I don't know anyone who would want to. One thing that bothers me about this whole situation is, none of my family members are being practical about this, they know the truth but won't say it. It's like denying you're a person. I just have issues with that.

And an unanswered question because I have not finished the novel. Does Odyssue ever get home? Actually I don know the answer.


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Death is hard for some people

Death is hard for some people to deal with and its easier for people to still have hope for the person they love. Try to ignore it but if you still feel this way maybe you should talk to them about it even though its probably a sensitive matter. I hope everything gets better for you!

Don't judge me so harsh little girl