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So my vacations been.. pretty sucky to say the least, didn't think anybody wanted to hang out with me...

BUT! Then today I hung out with my friend Martin, and just talked, though it was sorta awkward, dunno why?
Then, I get this textmsg saying 'what are you doing tonight?' From my friend (girl) who I havn't seen in a couple of days, and I seriosuly missed her! So I'm all over it, wanting to be with her in the evening. So as I get home, she tells me she's going to be there in an hour or so, and in the meantime my friend Mikhail comes over to borrow a dvd (Rocky horror picture show) winks at me telling me to 'make it hot' with her.

So she came, we hugged, talked and had a great time, about 12, she asked if she could borrow my bike, or she'd have to leave with the bus then. And I just thanked God my bike was flat so she'd have to wait till I got it pumped... Which was first about two she started to ask if we should fix the bike. It was really fun, though I hate her boyfriend and how she constantly talks about him. (YES, I'm the jealous type, NOBODY messes with my girl!) So. That was fun. It was fun too when the light went out in the basement (bike) she reached for my hands she's kinda cute, afraid of the dark and stuff, so I did what any lesbian would've! I reached her boobs of course!. She just laughed, and I love her for that. She sees the whole me touching and feeling her as totally okay. And says that it's 'nice to cuttle'. How I love her.