Guessing no?

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Whew, So, just recently told me mum and dad that I was gay, I don't get why I was so nervous, or actually I do. My dad seems to have a problem with gays(though mostly gay men.) But they took it really well, I've known for about a half a year. It dosn't hurt my brothers gay either. I'm so thankful for that at this point, made comming out easier, cus' I knew they wouldn't disown me or anything.

I'm having holdidays. No, wait, I HATING holidays at this point!. The Fall vacation actually. And of course there's nobody to hang around with. Well, there are I'm just.. kinda mad at him at this point? Anyway, My parents are divorced, and I'm bored so I figure 'Hey! I'll go visit my mum!' and normally there wouldn't be a problem, it's just that last time I went I took a girl with me (friend), an my mum and her really like eachother, nothing like that, it's just, she's outta town for a bit this week and I thought, since she's not at home, I could still go. But then she's like 'Arn't you bringing me, you'll just have to wait till I come back? It was so cozy last time! I thought I was invited?' And I love her truly do, but 1) my sister pokes at me at this point, I guess she's hurt I didn't tell her first? and 2) I'm gonna be bored the days that my friend isn't here. I'd love for her to come of course, everything just seems so much better when she's around, and I'm a bit of a ranter but heres the issues:

1) My sister keeps nagging about who I date. Answer: I'VE GOT NO LOVE LIFE!
2) My friends arn't here: I'M GONNNA BE SOOO BORED!
3) My Brother (gay) told me he could feel I was going to turn gay becuse I wasn't a 'girly-girl. : JUST TELL ME I'M BLEEDING BUTCH!
4) I'm sorta depressed and I don't know why.
5) I rant, and if anyones still reading, I'd like to thank you, and say "I know I'm screwed up, and just seem like a whiney teenager, so for that I'm truly sorry!"


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hahhaha your not that whiny

hahhaha your not that whiny
nothing iz real
john lennon

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no, ur totally that whiny. ho

no, ur totally that whiny. however, let me welcome you to the site where we are all that whiny! that's the fun of it! lol. however, i do believe that we all have the right to be whiny. *stamps foot*
so there!

*she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making*

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Thanks.! Whoa, a site of w


Whoa, a site of whiners, what a party. Get some beer, some vodka, and there'll be a giant pityparty, (been there: They always end up in mass kissing, everybody on everybody...) *Pondering: It's not that bad actually :P *

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Ha, I'm hust surprised you ac

Ha, I'm hust surprised you actually could understand what I wrote, I was so incredibly... dunno, groggy I guess? (naptimes you know.... they're just... seriously... hot. rauw..)