Guns Couldn't Do Better

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Tears forge sparkling rivers as
They crash under gravity
Streaming down in cursive
Maneuvers of the heart
Revealing words never to
Address a certain ear
A hollowness resides
Where our brotherhood
Burned in refuge
An inferno of hope
Once Mad with cries
Of a resolute dreamer
Wailing glory till
A dawn deluged
The velvet night
And how those tones
Echoed down a
Dreamer’s spine
I heard once that
Time heals all wounds
Well then, my dear
You’ve dealt a killing blow
A pinpoint strike on
A vital junction of
My vanishing heart
Demolishing a
Bulls-eye painted
With your missed hands
You’ve crushed me
And eaten my dreams
With an evil mouth
Somehow still
Endearing after all
And gone from me
Forever and ever