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im goin to vent so this is either goin to be a rant or normal journal entry i really do care if someone reads this i need some support seeing as my bestfreind who ever reads this, learns the truth the real truth. sry i had to lie to get someone to read this

On thursday we had a game, but i didnt have a buddy to sit with that i wanted to sit with well actually i did but i always sat with her so i wanted to sit with my bf who didnt have a ride. so i asked her and she sed yes and i was really happy like bust out singing in class happy...well when we got on the bus i... was happy and we had fun takin pictures and lolin and playin around but that soon ended when i had a feeling of dread like this is not rite she wants to be somewhere else but instead i have her here with me so i got sad well...then i texted her a messages sayin i felt bad and she really didnt say anthing then i texted her tellin her that at random times i feel like dieing and she didnt say nothin...just gave me a look..a scared look i think...well i leave it and just put on my social mask and pretended to have fun then we got there had fun played around and so on while we watch 7th grade win..then 8th c2 (which is us) played and lost bad...well she got mad and i tryed to help but she pushes me away (not physically) and i got mad and was hurt cuz i feel she doesnt care bout me and that shes not my bestfriend but i want her to be...and i dont know how to let go...and this overwleming feeling that i am alone only gets worst when she acts like she doesnt i feel alond and i feel like dieing...i was so fucked up friday that i left at 5th period and ive been in my room since wtf is wrong with me...and why does no one care...when i care bout them or when im the nice one but they dont care bout me..........byz......i hope someone reads this...and sry i lied to get yall to read this.....


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i'm sorry girl.just try to fo

i'm sorry girl.just try to focus,and everything will come to you sooner or later


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sorry you are having a shitty time,hang in there things will come alright again.

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