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So either I give off some weird vibe that screams "Cuddle me! You know you want to!" or people here are just really touchy feely.

Today I learned that not only am I apparently very approachable but I am "not annoying" and "really funny" and "rather mellow."

Anyway I had some interesting encounters recently:

So I was in French this morning and one of my classmates coaxed me over to sit next to her when we were doing group work, she has bronchitis so I was hesitant (it was a rather drawn out process because I had to battle an army of desks and the more times she told me she wasn't contagious and doesn't bite...the less I wanted to go near her--and then I was a reasonable distance from her, close enough to do work and whatnot, but not an invasion of personal space...and that was apparently too far I had to get closer)...and then the entire time I was next to her she stroked my arm...repeatedly, as though I were some kind of cat, this went on for a good ten minutes. I've never just approached someone I don't know and began to pet them--I almost think that was her intention from the very beginning. So then, she took my notebook away from me and returned it with this "I've taken five years of French, I'd be happy to help you--you're one of the few not annoying people in this class." I originally read it as "if you're one of the few not annoying people," but the actual version is creepier--it implies that she has been carefully watching me and waiting to get in the perfect position for petting me. I don't need help in the class either, it's just an intro course...and as for the annoying bit, that's probably because I come into class, yawn repeatedly and try to nap. Oh, and then she proceeded to pet me some more.

So, later, I went into Berkeley to pick up a few things and I was waiting for the shuttle to take me back to school and this girl recognized me--I work in the cafeteria, I feed pretty much everyone who eats, so I'm becoming accustomed to people approaching me and starting random conversations. So, she sits on the grass with me and waits and we talk and then we talk on the shuttle back to school...and she comes to the conclusion that our encounter needs to end with a hug...I laugh nervously as she prepares to envelope me in her arms...and kind of run away.

I encounter her later at dinnner--because I also eat, even when I don't work...and she is of course embracing my coworker (she worked with him last year and we had discussed him at length on the ride back to school, he's very awesome and really enjoys hugs and the random resting of his head on one's shoulder, and sharing strange bits about his personal life and his boyfriend and odd moments) and she encourages me to do the same., no.

I've been randomly hugged a lot recently, and there were more encounters today, it seems like every time I venture out of my dorm I'm bound to experience some kind of random display of affection...maybe because people like being fed?

I get it a lot, I've asked some of my friends if they've been getting a lot of hugs from strangers too, or if it's just me...and it appears to just be me. Maybe it's a college? Because this never happened in high school...or maybe it's a women's college thing? Sisters united...I don't really know.


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Haha! Thats funny!....and a b

Haha! Thats funny!....and a bit creepy! "I guess people like being fed" lol! But petting does seem to be a bit much....must be some good food!

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I have to agree from this pos

I have to agree from this post,you are funny,that entry had me laughing my ass off!A girl once randomly came up and hugged me too,was an odd experience,she was very drunk lol.

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i love random displays of aff

i love random displays of affection, though the petting thing would REALLY freak me out. the only time i've ever had someone pet me was my friend in eighth grade, and that was bc she wanted to make me squirm (okay, be spazzstic) though, by my book its good to be nice to anyone who even has a chance of giving me food.

hugs, luck, and peace

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no idea, but funny

Hm, no idea why they all hug and pet you. But it's good o read your writing.

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