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So, there's this really hot girl that sits next to me in my AP Chemistry class. She's really interesting, too. She is a vegetarian, member of PETA, doesn't have a sense of smell, funny, cute, I could go on forever. We tell jokes the whole hour. It's really a lot of fun being in this class with her. Well, tuesday, we had to put together a lab for the regular chemistry students and she and I were working together to put it up on one lab table. Then, I kinda ask her out to the homecoming dance which is this Saturday. The conversation goes as follows:

Me: So... you going to Homecoming?
Her: I don't know.
Me: Do you want to be my date for the Homecoming dance? (asked looking at her "innocently")
Her: Are you serious? (said with shock-not condescending, upset, etc)
Me: I was just joking. Unless you wanted to go to homecoming with me. In that case I would have no problem going with you.


Me: So, yeah, you know how Ms. A said alternative lifestyles are allowed in AP Chem (teacher said this to help us understand chemical bonding) so I figured I'd try it out. You know, joking.
Her: Oh.
Me: Yeah. But you know, if you did want to go with me I wouldn't have to be joking.

So, I think I confused her pretty well. She still hasn't said no. She hasn't said yes either. I think she's still not sure whether it was a joke or not. It was intended to be a joke if she said no and not if she said yes. I think I'll ask her tomorrow what the answer is. Or I'll ask her tonight if she is at the bonfire/peprally. Hope she is. Because even if she says no, I can still stare at her in that creepy way.

You think that was a big enough hint that I totally dig her? I mean unless she was deaf, it's pretty hard not to be able to tell.

I hope she says yes(crossed fingers)!!!


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Good luck! Don't judge me

Good luck!

Don't judge me so harsh little girl