Homophobia in the Workplace

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So, I was at work today having dinner with Abby before we opened and the Colombian cook who I mentioned in a previous post came over and sat with us and then started pouring his soul out to Abby in Spanish. And I was sitting right there...and it was awkward because I didn't know if I should be rude and get up and walk away or be rude and sit there understanding almost everything he said to her because even though I rarely use my spanish, that doesn't mean I don't speak it or understand it.

He was talking about homophobia at work and some friction he's had with the head cook who is ultra religious and apparently some of the students and how he really wishes he could get a job somewhere else where it wouldn't be an issue. And then he started crying. Seriously crying because he's so tired of all the crap he faces as an immigrant and homosexual and how he wishes he could adopt kids with his boyfriend and love whoever he wants and yet...he's apparently stuck being unhappy and marginalized.

That was a great conversation to overhear.... I left partially through because I decided that I felt really shitty listening in on it (I wasn't there all that long, only about two minutes or so) and I wasn't sure I really wanted to hear about all the, up to now yet to be encountered homophobia at work. I was also having trouble not offering some kind of comfort or camraderie because I didn't want to embarrass him.

What he did tell me today is that he likes it when it rains. He doesn't like the sun. No, he enjoys the rain.

So yeah, if I had to deal with a superior treating me with crap because I'm gay I'd probably have crazy mood swings at work too.

He's in a really sucky situation and I wish my spoken spanish was better.