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Ok i just finished reading that book (House of Leaves). Um yeah im kinda sketched. That was so i dont know I want to say weird but cool but at the same time disturbing but funny. i dont know my mind is like kinda still trying to grasp it really.
If i hadnt bought that book in the fiction section I wouldve thought it really happened. Dude that book has kinda changed me. Wierd I know but like some of the stuff espically Johnny says and in the Appendix and In the house ok so actually everything its so... I cant describe it. People you have to read this book. Even the way this book is set up will like kinda mess you up. its weird just read it.
Yeah im going to go measure my closet now and compare it to the blue prints lol.Peace.


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I have it, but didn't read it yet. He has a new book, just came out.

You might want to take a break and read someone else in between, though.

I'm a total myspace whore (and by whore, I mean I use it to sleep with people, I'm not on it often), so ADD ME AS A FRIEND