I Beg

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Streetlights paint the world a tangerine dream
The ruddy reflections on the windows
Dim flickerings of electric breath
Fogging the glass with distractions
And flooding the streets with
A fearful luminescence
Stabbing shadows while their
Children blossom under the trees
Cinnamon statues waxing naked
As their clothing is tattered
Shred by shred
By a wind’s silk glove
Blind to its destructive nature
Reading the clues of Braille from bark
Sitting restlessly under a false Sun
Warming nothing but its circuits
Buzzing with efficient wizardry
After proposition 305
It was a good turnout
The voters were armed with decisions
And rode heedlessly into the fray
Of a silent cardboard poll booth
When the skirmish had died
On its democratic bed
Victors were named and dreams
Were birthed and broken
And some of those
Demolished fantasies
Came to haunt me that night
When the air shimmered orange
Like a desert born on air
And the ghouls prowled in covens
Placed in every drop of darkness
The rent dreams came shivering to me
Frigid in the Arctic of their
Prolonged abandonment
How cold those hollow fingers were
As I shook each one of their hands
Covered in winter’s scars
And desperation’s unseen acne
Their emaciated geometry
Again and again it marched from the mist
Creaking misery forced to abide
Abysses were their fruitless eyes
Dungeons built on vanquished hope
In a midnight iris I saw defeat
Still and meek in wordless torment
Communicating by definition
Unbearable was all it had to say
I looked upon those creatures
And pled a silent supplication
To fate’s all-knowing brain
By fire and ice and heaven and hell
By day and night and life and death
By you and me and him and her
By love and hate and sun and moon
Please, I beg you, do not let
That horrid fate enslave
This beautiful dream of mine


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i like yours too.....its very

i like yours too.....its very.....long...,lol but nice