I don't know what to think...

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I didn't see Sora today. But I wasn't really expecting too, I did see her sister a little while but she ditched me for the TV. heh.

My mom called. I spoke to my sister. I miss her so much. She's not going to be here for my birthday. I want her here for my birthday. It's not fair.

My mom won't let my sister talk to my dad. I'm not sure why. But she won't. So my dad is obviously more than a little upset about this. Which isn't helping matters.

I don't know. I don't even know if I like my mom anymore. She took my sister away from me...

I asked my sister who she wanted to be with, and she said she wanted to be with me. But I stayed here instead of going with her because I knew my dad needed me, and I knew that I needed my friends. And I knew that I would have been upset no matter what I did. But I really miss my sister. It's so weird.



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Ugh, I'd be really sad withou

Ugh, I'd be really sad without my Oneesan. Good luck with it. Maybe eventually old wounds will heal and you can see your sister more often. =)

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?