I don't know you that well

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First off,I am not an out and about lesbian like some of my friends,the only one that knows is my girlfriend.Second,I have been given more days of detention,because someone broke the locks off the lockers in the girls basketball dressing room,and hte vice principal decided since that I am the only girl who has access to the lockerroom after school hours it had to be me(A bitter act of revenge for getting more detention last week.And finally,I am being monitored by a new manager at my job,who is completely psycho and believes that I was the one who stole $179 from my register two months ago and got someone blamed for it(stupid,why would I steal money from myself,I have all the other managers backing on that!)

Now to the subject at hand,at school today I was just walking around being my same ol crazy self,going around hitting my friends,when I am suddenly approached by some sophomore(how dare a 10th grader approach me!)and ask me if I would take a picture with her.I reply no,I don't do pictures,which is a lie since you can't see one of my friends without seeing a picture of me.Then after lunch I was heading to one of my friends locker and saw her in the hallway and decided to give her a nice size slug to the arm,which I did.It wa entertaining until the 10th grader,same from earlier,standing hter with my frined commented on the fact I was hitting everyone today and called me by nickname,that is only used by my friends and faculty members who have seen me play sports. How dare that littl e 10th grader talk to me,much less say my nickname!I mean I can't blame her since all you hear in my school is my nickname(even in the year it says my nickname), but everyone knows,except her,that only those who know me well can call me by my nickname..and all I can say is,"Do I know you..sophomore?"