I might actually have a chance with her!

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For a while I've been convinced that my crush on this girl is completely unrequited and that she'll never like me back, but lately I've been hit with the Hammer of Happiness (or something equally cheesy) and I've seen some hints that show she just might have some sort of feelings for me. It may just be wishful thinking, BUT WHO CARES?? I've been in such a depressed funk over this girl lately that I could use some happy thoughts, no matter whether they're actually true assumptions or not.

On another hand, I think I'm becoming an anime fangirl and a YouTube addict at the same time. I've been watching Yu Yu Hakusho on YouTube, and it ROCKS! I love cartoons.

SHUT UP!! *screams at the people laughing at my immaturity*

I also watched some Strawberry Panic! episodes. This show basically takes place at a Catholic school where men don't exist, and the girls all date each other. I love it! No offense to any guys on here, but it's nice to see a school with only gay girls in it. I wish I could go there. *sighs* It's part of this group of animes called "yuri", which is a genre of Japanese cartoons that contain lesbian content. It's really great.

Well, so far, life is good. I'm going to hop away and surf the Internet now.


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Nice. Ignore the others and hope this is true

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"