I wanna celebrate but freak out at the same time...

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Hmph...When I first started thinking about being bi, which was about four months back, I was weirded otu and somewhat worried. So I started making myself not think about it, which in hindsight was stupid, haha. But now that I've finally just about admitted to myself that I am, in fact, bisexual, and that there is absolutely othing wrong with that...I think back to where-ever I read that admitting it to yourself is liberating and whatnot.

well, yeah it sorta is - hence why I wanna dance like a moron because I feel better and like I know myself better.

but at the same time I'm a wee bit more freaked out because I don't know how I'll take the next step and "come out" or whatever.

I don't think my friends'll be okay with it, and that's bothering me. As far as I can...well, assume...I know oly two people that would understand and still treat me like a human being.


Was talkin' to my best friend over MSN last night, and they had to pop off for sommat, during which time I just started typing something to them but without the intention of actually sending it to them. In said little blurb, I told them everything, that I'm Bi, and that I know they'll act strange and avoid me because of it. Then explained that I knew this because they're not exactly okay with any other sexual orientation than heterosexual.

If I didn't care about them all so much, I'd smack them...hahah.


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Most people accept bi girls. Just come out slowly. Like, tell those people that would accept you that you like girls also. Then, tell a little more people. Repeat.

~Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!~