Im going to cry

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I think my brother in law has just found out,by mistake that I am gay.I'm so stressed out right now,I don't
know what to do.I feel really really sick. I'm sort of shakeing here too. I have messed up so bad!
He has just seen some stuff on my computer, I seen him looking, but he doesn't know I saw. I don't know what
to do. I couldn't even look at him when he logged off.He didn't say any thing. I don't know if he will say
anything.Oh fuck I'm so upset. I only see him about once a week, I think I will just avoid him for the next
centuary.Oh man I'm so stressed. Somebody pray that he doesn't say anything!Ah I can't believe it!


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My personal recommendation is

My personal recommendation is to avoid him.
He will probably bring this up with your sister, or hopefully he knows someone who is GLBT and knows better than to raise hell over it.
Also would advise on getting some of the gay stuff off your computer just in case, or atleast putting it somewhere where no one will be able to find it. Just a suggestion!

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Thanks for the comment,I think I'm just going to avoid him and get rid of the stuff off of my computer.And hope for the best!

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Hey! It might be a good thing

Hey! It might be a good thing. If he tells your sister, then she won't be as shocked whenever you decide to come out to her.

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Eeeek, craziness! It could be a good brother found out I'm gay by finding my myspace and when he told me I was so happy all I could do was giggle for half an hour! And by the way, thanks for the compliment! 'Twas much appreciated.

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