"it empty and cold without u here"

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i jus want to rite rite rite and RITE!!!! but it wont come to head, no it wont cuz i dont want to rhyme but thats all my brain will say.....sooo im like uhhhh.....well we had homecomin on friday and well it was great till my i caught my crush..and so it started to sux bigtime...well i really cant wait till thursday to see my therapist cuz i like him and we left off at something i think can help me from being so caring bout other people feelings....and also stand up for myself..wellim also gonna tell him that i think im tryin to replace my mom and it aint working out so thats why im such a mess inside my head...well on other news i think i should move from the smalltime and smallass town called brownwood cuz if i dont i think ill end up marring a guy...and rite now guys r the most imature ever (sry guys on here, but i mean the guys in my town)..and i really jus wanna get away from my bestfriend rite now cuz she acting like a bitch (and teachin the class) so yeah i mean if there is no reason for me to stay then why stay..........cuz if i stop being friends with her there is gonna be no reason to stay here so yeah...if things dont change by the end of the year then adios brownwood, tx hello where ever we move...byz


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Writers Block

I hate it when that happens.

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