"It's complicated... because of Tara!" I came out again!

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Well, I did it. I came out to Evangeline. Congratulate me!

She was pretty cool about it, asked a couple of questions, I was not even remotely as anxious as I was when I came out to Lilah, she started touching me more. I told her so and she said "Yeah, I know, it's like there's no chance of misunderstanding any more so I can hug you and show affection with no fear, that's so cool!"

She even asked me if we could go to a gay bar, she says she always wanted to see how it's like. I said "maybe... someday. When I'm ready". Which I'm not yet, but I might be soon.

So, that's it. Faith's in line now. I feel so good! It doesn't feel weird at all! With Lilah it did a little bit, cause, Idk, she was the first one to know, but now I feel so... aware. Like I know what I am and people I love know what I am too and we're all ok with it.

At first, she started all those questions "Are you sure?", "But you've had sex with girls, how can that be" and "let me talk to Faith, she's single so you can try it out with her, just to make sure..." But then she dealt with it.

I found that I couldn't say the words to her again - "I'm gay". So, I found a way around it. I said "I wanna tell you something but I can't say the words."

She said "Are you dying?"

"No, hell no! I just... Well, let's see. What did Willow tell Buffy in season 4 and she was all shocked and weird about it?"


"About Tara..."

"That she's gay?"

"There you go."

And... BANG! "Omg, you're telling me you're gay?"

Cool, huh? Later on, she said that she feels so special because I trusted her. That's so great... I think I'm gonna go watch Buffy now.


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congratulations, its kinda fu

congratulations, its kinda fun telling people without say outright "i'm gay". when i outed myself to my friends i referenced a game of life i had with one of them when we both decided that we were going to support gay rights.

hugs, luck, and peace

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Yea, I agree it is fun when s

Yea, I agree it is fun when somebody tells you that they are gay without actually saying it... J told me that he was by telling me this... "I am something that has three letters"

I got out my pocket dictionarry and typed in three question marks...

J "I dont want to say it, its kinda wierd, just try and guess"

Me "Does it start with an a?" J

J "no"

Me "a b"

so on and so on.. I got to F first and he said yes... he told me to just list off what it was... I kept on going and finally I got to "fag" and then just kept on going.. finally I realized that he was quiet and then realized what I had said... lol...

I wouldnt recomend that one though because it took a FRIGGIN LONG TIME!

Congrats on coming out! :)

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Woot woot!

Congrats, you snazzy man!

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Insert Intresting Title Here

Kewl way to come out, and congratulations! Gotta luv Buffy...


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Congratulations! Glad it went well.

I love Buffy.

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Buffy refferences FTW! =D I'm

Buffy refferences FTW! =D I'm better at making people guess. That's how I came out to my dad. I sort of went to him and told him there was something I wanted to tell him and he was like "what" but I didn't say and we sort of played a really weird version of 20 questions. XD

Glad it went so well. =)

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What's FTW...? -Have you a

What's FTW...?

-Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?
-Uh, you know I meant to, and then I just got really busy.