Ive accepted my butchness

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Yes that may sound a little wierd coming from a girl whos dressed as a tomboy her whole life but if you knew me like in person it would make sense. Im always worried that ill be mistaken as a guy and it didnt help that my ex treated me like her boyfriend. Ive jsut been too afraid to actually admit it because i dont want to be treated like some guy who doesnt cry and has no emotions whatsoever. I heard this quote somehwere, "Im a butch on the outside and femme on the inside". Just cause I like wearing comfortable clothes that i dont feel like are suffocating me doesnt mean i dont cry at every chickflick i go too. Ive just had a hard time making people understand it.

But honestly I dont care anymore. Normally when i hear people say taht i know its bull but i actually mean it. I am who I am im proud and i just happen to be a lesbain whos punk/emo/whatever/butch. Its who I am and Ive finally accepted it.

So today I got a haircut and I copied kate Moennig style so it looks like when she had really short hair.And I have to say im in love with the butchies music. They are awesome espically the lyrics.


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congrats, its always good to

congrats, its always good to be comfortable with yourself. besides tomboy/butchness/whatever is good. some of my favorite people with the most awesome personalities are butch; plus you have no idea how cute some people find it ;)

hugs, luck, and peace

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Yay for accepting yourself:)

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Yay!! For everyone her ow


For everyone her own particular peculiar combination of butchness and/or femmeness and/or any other type or character or whatever it is.

Cheers for your butchness!!

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oh yeah thats great.....and i

oh yeah thats great.....and i agree all butch (most) look cute i saw a girl at ihop that was and she looked so cute if wasnt with parents would have talked to her...........yeah for you

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wana trade bodies?! or is it

wana trade bodies?! or is it too late now? DAMNIT!
happy for you dude, no reason why you shouldn't accept u'rself, other ppl can go get fucked by a cucumber on the chin!