Kissing the Flame

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this is a story im writing about a girl who discovers that she's a pyro. im not quite finished with chapter three, but i'll put it in here anyway. here ya go:

Chapter 1

First thing's first: I can do things that no one else can. Everyone clear on that? Good! Moving on......What? Yeah, yeah, I know, I should elaborate and blah blah blah. Can't we just skip all these explanations? No? Ugh. Okay, fine. It all started like this......

Chapter 2

"Ryan? Ryan? RYAN!"
I was yanked out of my state of deep thought by my best friend Tyler shouting my name (by the way, yes, I am a girl with a boy's name. Please, blame my parents).
"H-Huh?" I stammered.
"I said, 'What's going on today?'" she repeated.
"" I mused.
She glared at me. Apparently some people don't appreciate classic humor.
"Oh, you mean AFTER school!" Sarcasm is also one of my specialties. "Huh....I dunno. Did you have anything in mind?"
"Ryan, were you listening to anything I was saying?" she asked, clearly annoyed.
"Some of it," I replied with a sheepish grin.
"Ryan, I was asking if anything important was going on today because I want to stay after school for the game."
"The football game?" I queried. She nodded. "Oh, Tyler, you're not going all butch on me now are you?"
She pretended to look offended (another thing about Tyler, she doesn't stay mad or irritated for long, something I find to my advantadge), "Don't insult me! I have no interest in the actual game, just the person.......I mean, people playing it." Her cheeks flushed pink. She was thinking of Brad.....again.
I rolled my eyes and said, "And I suppose you expect me to stay and watch him....I mean, them with you."
She took a half-bow (seeing as we were sitting down), "If you would, M'lady."
I snaffed (snort-laughed) and said, "You're so weird."
"Thank you," she beamed.
I dipped my fry into my cheese cup and took a bite (I forgot to mention we were sitting at lunch during this conversation).
"You know those are fattening," Tyler warned.
I shrugged. "I'm already there."
"You are not," she protested.
"Am too," I shot back.
"Are not!"
"Am too!"
"Are not!"
"Am too!"
That was what we argued about for the rest of the period.

[insert little flame to serve as spacer here]

Ack! You caught me skipping explanations again. Well, I guess what I was thinking about in my state of deep thought mentioned earlier IS pretty important to the rest of the story. Okay, I was thinking about what happened the day before, when I got home from school.

Chapter 3

I opened the door and was blasted by the unexpected smell of gasoline. I ran downstairs and checked everything that used gas, but I didn't see anything wrong.
I dashed back upstairs and ran through the house searching for the source of the gas, until it hit me - duh! - the kitchen.
Racing into the kitchen, I saw what had been making me so frantic: one of the burners on the stove was left on (probably my dad forgot to turn it off after making eggs this morning, he's kinda dense sometimes).
I strolled up to the stove and turned the knob to the off position. Then I turned it back on and just kind of watched the little flames dance. I don't know what attracted me to it, but I couldn't pull my eyes away.
Whenever a candle is lit, there's usually some idiot who tries to impress/gross out/amaze people by passing their hand over the fire and charcoaling their fingers. I never tried to, I just watched (I'm not as stupid as some people), but now it intrigued me.
I held my right hand about a foot over the burner, and it was probably just my imagination, but the flame seemed to almost be reaching up for my hand. It sparked my curiosity, so I lowered my hand slowly, and as I did, the flame grew. No, seriously. It stretched out its sleek form until it was just centimeters from my fingers.
I held out my pointer finger and the warm flame twisted around it like a vine. I pulled upward and the flame came with me, no longer attatched to the stove. I brought up my left hand, gently placed the little spit of fire in my palm, and twirled my finger out of the flame.
As I stared at the fire seeming to come out of my hand, I thought, "Why not play with it a little?" So I tossed it into the air, meaning to catch it with my other hand, but as soon as it lost contact with my left hand, it disappeared. Went out like a light.


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this is cool! write more plea

this is cool! write more please!

I love the pain, I hate the pain.