Looking at the bright side

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Since I apparently have no social or love life as my brothers say,they decided to fix me up with a friend of theirs.His name is John,he is 17,an aspiring doctor who wants to go to a four-year university in Boston, and is what you would considered to be uptight. I am going to go on a date with him tomorrow,but there's just one little problem with that.I am a lesbian,and since I have yet to come out to my family,my brothers obviously don't know that I don't want to go out with him.And why are my brothers setting me up with some dude I don't even know,they know I'm not comfortable around strangers!And anyway I don't see why my brothers think I don't have a social or love life?I go out,I party,I don't stay home like I use to.I'm not all depressed and emotionless like I was last year,just going through each day,putting on a fake smile,never getting excited about things.But hey I can look at the bright side,my girlfriend thinks its cute that my brothers care about there little sister enough to set her up on a blind date.Aw how sweet,at least I know they care!


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Actually it is kinda cute...

Actually it is kinda cute... :P