Looking at the bright side of a shadow

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So the past few days I have been laying low,because of my brothers setting me up on a blind date with a guy and since I, not being straight but also not out I just went along with it while my girlfriend laughed it up.After the date was over and the guy drove me home,I told him not to expect anything to come from this evening and he seems nice and all but he's just not my type(meaning he's a guy)and that we should hang out some time and try to be friends.My brothers were upset and wanted to know what it was about him I didn't like.I wanted to tell them the truth I just didn't know how to break it to them.

But so anyways,I found out today why it is my little sophomore admirer hasn't been ollowing me around and it is because she got suspended for being caught having sex int eh auditorium at school!First off I'm not all heart broken about it,its not like I had feelings for her or anything its just I kinda got use to her following me around all day.One things for sure,my girlfriend most definitely is happy about the girl getting suspended,now she doesn't have to hound me about hanging out with her,for at least a few days.But what I don't understand is why are you having sex at school,and in the the auditorium(theater)the most visited hookup spot at school!I mean was she trying to get caught so all the lesbians in school would know who she is and seem more appealing.I just don't know.

If finding out that for the first time this year someone has been suspended for having sex in school,how about having to explain to one of your friends the truth about their p.e. teacher!It just seems that many junior high girls at my school think that their p.e. teacher(also softball and volleyball coach)is a lesbian,which she isn't,she is "bi" and that I know for a fact,because I have hung out with her outside of school and seen her with her girlfriend.My friend Jamie almost passed out when I corrected her .I though everyone would know by now,but I guess I was wrong!

And to continue on with this entry,I have been getting this urge to be closer with my girlfriend for some reason,we've been going out for almost 5months now I just never really liked being close.But now as the days goes by I feel as though I need to be close to her.I need to hold her hand,I need to give her hugs,I need to kiss her.I think I'm going through that stage where I'm in like heat or something,like a cat.I told my girlfriend about it and she just laughed it off.But it was all just a joke to her until we went to the movies,I swear you couldn't sqeeze an inch between us.It was like one of those heavy makeout seens in a movie.Believe me my girlfriend had no problem taking advantage of my vulnerability.I am becoming weak I tell you,weak!Its liek I have no control over myself.At school today,I ended up skipping class with my girlfriend to go makeout...hmmm now what does that say about me,that I am a normal teenage girl,or I am acting totally out of character and there is something wrong!
Well thats all folks till next...