Maxigon Update~

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Hm okies where was I up to last time..

Okay well, as some of you know... there's this wierd love/frienship triangle-sh going on between me and my friends... I just thought I would update it a little (for my own reference and reflection as well).

At one point all this was happening at the same time:

Julie (straight) was in a relationship with Darren (bisexual)
Darren (bisexual) had a crush on Tyler (bisexual)
Tyler (bisexual) was in a relationship with Vic (gay)
Me (gay) had a crush on Tyler (bisexual)
Tyler (bisexual) had a crush on me
Ellen (straight) had a crush on me

Julie and Tyler is in a pretend relationship while Darren is overseas.
Ellen and Me is in a pretend relationship as well.

So um yeah... Tyler, Julie, Ellen and Me used to be closest friends. Until I confessed to Julie I liked Tyler and Tyler confessed to Julie he liked me (while he was in a relationship with Vic). Then Julie and Tyler distanced away from me... but Ellen and me got closer. Everything kind of resolved itself later but we never really got as close as we did.

So during that time was the first complication between our friendship.

Recently, another complication comes up... Tyler seems to be ignoring Vic... and it seems like they're breaking up. Vic started ranting about it to me... (we got really close for some reason - so much for love rivals).

But I did quite a lot trying to get them back together...
1. I listened to Vic's rants and defended Tyler's position.
2. Vic wanted to turn up to see Tyler without telling him because he thought Tyler was avoiding him from Tyler not turning up everytime they were gona see each other. So I took Vic to swimming with us without telling Tyler, then I took the blame from Julie after Tyler told Julie about it.
3. I even let Vic stay at my place twice (both times on the same day without warning) so he could come swimming with us (you have to know I homestay, getting a friend to stay is a burden to ask). Swimming is the time which he would be able to see Tyler. Both times his parents didn't know so I could've got in trouble. He got his cousin to cover up for him.
4. Getting woken up in the morning by Vic's phonecall after he decided to come all the way from his place to swimming/ the next day with us (without even organising a place to stay in the first place). I had to walk 1 hour to find him because when he called me he got kicked off the bus and was lost.
5. Walking another 1-2 hours to Tyler's shop and staying there for 5 hours while I had to observe them being together. It takes courage you know.

Now after a lot of wierd things they are back together again...

There's many more stuff I did to help that I don't even know why I did... I guess I'm just a nice person and I hope Vic and Tyler acknowledges what I have done. I took risks and sacrifices, summoned energy and courage... so that Vic can be with that person who I want to be with.

Did I do the right thing? Mehz, I dno.


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you and your friends sure like to complicate things =)

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Wow, did I get confused...! Y

Wow, did I get confused...! You have a weird gang, you do.

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-Uh, you know I meant to, and then I just got really busy.

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You tried to keep a good relationship going, and it may have worked. Of course that's the right thing. True you lost out, rather than seizing tyler, but overall - definatly the right thing. I'mglad to see the maxigon is developing by the way. Tyler is clearly very attractive. What makes him so?

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And the maxigon evolves again...

Hey man, I agree w/ raining...though you lost tyler out to vic, you kept two of your good friends together, which takes balls and shows that though you like ty, you are willing to sacrifice that love for their friendship, which is hard to do. I give you props for that Max. well, hope the maxigon gets less confusing. I think raining men and i are the only ones on the site that really know what's going on w/in it, but hey, sounds like you're having fun w/ your friends and if vic and tyler do break up, ty's open, right???

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