Me and my short attetion span.

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Yup, that's what causes me to forget things on a regular basis. XD

Apparently, I sent an e-mail to Sora saying that I wanted to talk to her. And, then forgot about it. And I check me e-mail and it says she's gonna talk to me today. Which kind of scares me. X_X I wanted to tell her (How I feel about her.) today anyways but...

On the other hand, I had a dream a few nights ago, where I kissed her, it was weird. I was thinking, it was like a video game and if something went wrong I could just go back to the last save. (Don't we all wish we could do that?) And so I kissed her. And she just stared at me. Like a zombie. It was weird, she didn't say anything or do anything at all. This happened twice during the dream. (it was like rewind and playback.) Kind of creepy. I hate it when people I know do creepy things in my dreams.

Well, if I tell her today no matter what she does she's gonna catch me off gaurd. Buuut, oh well. I'm going to have to say it eventualy. I'm not scared as much anymore. The rational side of me kicked in recently and said "there's no way she's gonna hate you." which belive it or not, helped a lot. XD I'm still a little afriad that she might start avoiding me a little. But oh well.. I'm gonna have to take a risk right? And if she does start avoiding me, I can play music really loud and eat lots of chocolate until I feel better. X3 That's what the stash of chocolate is for, after all. Is there anything that chocolate can't solve? (belly aches possibly.)

Oh well... No matter what I do it's probably going to be akward. And mabye I worry too much. Mabye it's like jumping into a pool. Mabye if I try to take it too slow it'll never happen, and I just have to hop in. Let's note that I almost never jump into the pool without a friend to tell me too. >_>'


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Jumping into a pool - I thoug

Jumping into a pool - I thought of exactly that same metaphor after I came out to my mom (my first one probably most difficult and important coming out ever). I told her, and t was a bit dramatic, we both cried, etc... and after some time I went to my room and did not know what would happen now... and I wrote a little note, like, a poem, saying that I felt as if I had jumped into a pool without knowing if the water was warm or cold, if it was deep enough. I felt as if I had already jumped but had not hit the water yet.

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