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Good weekend, yes.... So, my friend came up from Santa Barbara to visit me friday night and we had a lovely evening of attempting to fit myself and a teenage boy on an uncomfortable dorm mattress--he managed to pull all of my blankets off of the bed and dig his head into my back while I twisted my arm at some weird angle and slept on it with my face pressing against the wall. He also managed to get woodchips in my bed...not really sure how that happened or where they came from.

Saturday morning I dragged him up the hill to brunch and then we took the shuttle to Berkeley for an hour and picked up a necklace for one of our friends.

He was supposed to take off around two, because he was going to meet K in Santa Cruz for mini golf, but she had gone to watch a rugby match at Stanford and he didn't leave here until seven.

During the additional five hours we had together we managed to drive to Target in San Leandro, Emeryville, San Francisco, Hayward (where we had dinner at a strange chinese place and spent an hour on speaker phone with another one of our friends), and then we drove past where I live and all the way to Richmond before he figured out we were going the wrong direction and away from Mills. And we made a few random circuits as well.

Things I accomplished while he was around, I got a mattress pad so that my bed would be more comfortable, got some posters up really high (because he is easily manipulated and will climb dangerous unstable things if i ask him to), got my cabinet under my sink washed (yeah...not sure why he thought I wanted him to do that), and got him to climb out my window onto the roof.

It was nice to hang out with someone who is male and couldn't care less how he dresses let alone how I dress. Also got to see his new car which is very very nice.

Overall, good weekend, very pleasant relaxing weekend.


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Glad you had a good weekend.

Glad you had a good weekend. Mine was good too :-)

We have all been injured, profoundly. (Donna Haraway)