Pink love/Rome pics

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Okay, I don't know if my love for P!nk could actually become greater, but due to popular demand she has extended her tour date in the UK by one day, and has asked G-A-Y to support her in turning London's Wembley Stadium into one big gay club for the night!

The woman is just the best person ever, I *LOVE* her! (but I can't go to the concert, sold out! *sad face*).

Totally unrelated, but I noticed I never posted any pictures of Rome from my visit earlier in the year. Very beautiful, here's a few pics:

Trevi Fountain (one of my fav pics).
The view from the top of the Spanish Steps
An unflattering picture of me sitting on a very very old rock (Ancient ruins, the remains of what was the very first Rome).
The Colosseum at night

Definitely a place you should visit before you die!


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OMG i luv pink with a passion

OMG i luv pink with a passion to bad i live in MI, that sucks you can't go either well cheer up theres always a next time :)