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I can't stand radical activists. I think holding up signs against clearly wrong things in society is nice, but when people take it to extremes, it's like: "Okay, dude. Chill out. If you really hate how people's right to live is limited, don't go blowing up the White House for it. Why don't you promote peace and equality through civil disobediance like Gandi? You might actually do something other than destroy more lives than necessary..." So yeah, I've basically been contemplating that and people who care too much about issues such as gay marriage.

Why do people care so much about banning gay marriage? Get over it. Gays won't marry the opposite sex because they can't love the one they want to. You're not promoting good family structures. There's no CLEAR ADVANTAGE to having a ban on gay marriage. There was a forum post that just about debunked all of the points conservatives push on the American public about gay marriage.

That also brings me to abortion. I am personally pro-life, and I'll explain why to you. I don't think any future life should go harmed, unable to succeed in the future. If you really didn't want to have a kid, use a fucking condem, that's what they're for. Many people claim that rapists can impregnate their victims, but I just happen to find that extremely unlikely, being that a rapist would never go bareback on their victim. They would leave traces (duh) of semen, which could be traced back to the idiot that didn't wear a condem during his rape orgy. Someone tried to tell me that the babies may just have a horrible fucking life with a horrible family that are all crackheads. Wow, you're definitely a dipshit. You're assuming everyone woman that wants an abortion is a crackhead? Who the fuck came up with that? I love life. I think it is a very beautiful thing, and I'm not some fundementalist Christian.


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I covered way too many rape criminal trials when I was a courthouse reporter for a daily newspaper, and never heard of one using a condom. It is typically not a planned activity, so having a condom handy indicated more premeditation than tends to exist.

That's like saying people shoudl wear rubber gloves if they are going to murder someone, so there aren't prints. Makes sense, but these things are often not the result of rational minds.

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i'm not on crystal meth! :P

i'm not on crystal meth! :P

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hmm even though i belive in a

hmm even though i belive in abortion i respect your views. The funny thing about most people who belive in abortion is they dont belive in the death penalty and most people who dont belive in abortion believe in the death penalty. Im not saying that everyones views are like that its just what ive noticed from people ive been around.

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You Hang Around Weird People Then

When someone says they are 'pro-life', that means they defy anything that promotes death. Well, promote is a bad word for it, but yeah, everyone at pro-life club is against abortion, death penalty, war, etc...

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No a lot of the pro-lifers are pro-death actually. Because most of them are hardocore right-wing evangelicles - the extrremists you were talking about earlier. But they oppose abortion for the bible/women's rights issue of it all, not actually a taste for life (after all, if everyone got a chance to life, they're might be black people...). So yeah real pro-lifers are like that.
So you are a sane pro-lifer. But a lot aren't

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Violence is a part of life. A

Violence is a part of life. And it's a hell of more effective than just asking nice to get married or have some basic rights. Sure, not all of us have the guts to take that intense direct action, but the least you could do is support those who are serious about what they believe.
Sure, life is beautiful, but are you implying there's something ugly about not living? I couldn't imagine taking such an ethnocentric view as to imply that the absense of life is any worse than life itself. It's also pretty fucked that you're telling me what I should be able to do with my body. And yeah, rapists aren't always the most rational people out there, if you didn't think of that. Actually, just this morning a girl told me she got pregnant from being raped. It happens.