Rain, Rain, Go Away

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An iron sea devours the sky
And shafts of rain torpedo through the mist
Shaking wispy hands with the air
As they dive into each other’s
Dancing, ethereal forms
The titanic clouds, with silver hands snaking
Spread their seed
Of pale, abused droplets
Their pinpoint heels stomping
On a lake’s undulating shell
Pixilated in the aftermath
Of steady bombardment by
Drops of fractured firmament
The debris of the sky’s collapse
Infiltrates the leather
Skeletons of my shoes
Like submarines they sink
And retreat from a congregation
Of paralyzed water
The chill breath of a fall shower
Wraps its fingers around my toes
As they shiver and pound
In their mobile prison cells
The leaves sweat rain down waxy spines
Their gazing, transparent eyes
Downcast to the sodden earth below
Suddenly enraptured by a landscape
Wounded by liquid bullets
The flooded air grows quiet
Still and afraid, locked
In a pretense of serenity
As the rain halts
Its suicidal evolution
And the watery whirring of explosions
The symphony called rain
Surrenders to silence
As the water rots to air
And I have had
Not a single drop to drink