Random stuff.

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I'm po'ed and Nintendo marketing. Why do they call it "pre-ordering" if they have a limited supply? Dosen't that make it "reserving?" Well anyway, they were out when we went to reserve. Grrr. Not the kind of thing you'd expect either, I didn't think there were that many video game players in the area. But either way we'll just order it on Amazon.

Annndddd.. I'm going to stop taking dance class... I'm just not interested anymore. Yeah, I'm always like this. No one thing can hold my interest for more than a month besides art. So I guess I'll have to get a carrer in art because I wouldn't be able to keep a job in anything else.

And plus it dosen't help that I don't think I'd do good in school... Or college for that matter. Because I'm so used to teaching myself. If there's something I need to know I'll learn it... Unless it's math, I have trouble in math... But my dad is going to help me so that's not a problem anymore... He's proabably the one person who's been able to sucsessfuly teach me math.

And in other news, Sora has apprared in all of my dreams (That I remember) for the past few weeks. (At least a little) Nobody has ever done that before. It's weird.. And I just felt like mentioning that.

And apparently, running towards a poster and shouting "It's so beautiful!" isn't something one normally does in a video game store. Not like that's gonna stop me. (I just realized that the other day when I did that and then everyone was stairing at me... Haha.)

It's weird, I'm always being stared at. Either it's just people looking at me, or staring at me as if I have two heads. Both aren't that unusual. And I don't even have any rainbow braclets or whatever yet. It's weird.

Done now.


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Why can't people just be weird and have fun?! Other people (I'll just prefer to them as borin- I mean. 'normal' cough) They're just jealous becuse they don't know to have fun!

Keep on being weird!

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Don't worry, I have plenty of

Don't worry, I have plenty of friends who'd run at a poster like that.

But then... my friends are insane.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?