Recount: This phonecall I had

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Okay two days ago, which was Tuesday, I was talking to Vic on MSN about my birthday plan and some changes. Then I got annoyed because I think MSN is the gayest piece of shit ever so I called him instead. That's when the wierd things started to happen.

FYI: Vic is the boyfriend of my crush, Tyler. Yet the relationship between all three of us and our friends are immensely complicated. We've had all sorts of wierd crushes on each other openly or secretly during or outside of relationships. Yet for some reason we still manage to stay close and as good friends.

So I called, we started talking about my birthday plan... about how we might do something else other than ice skating. The subject inevitably led on to Julie, who was the voluntary organiser of my party while I was away in Japan. This was because we had to tell Julie of changes we are making, but Vic and I are both scared of her LOL because she's getting moody more and more at us for some reason. Then we started talking about her... and somehow led on to the changes in our friendships etc. (like when/how she got moody etc. - I could go into that, but I won't... unless you don't want this entry to end)

Then guess what, we started talking about Tyler. (Like OmGz? I'm talking about my crush right to his boyfriend?). But we don't mind, me and Vic got really close for some reason... because of many odd complicated reasons we're not sure of (we talked about this too!). Then Vic started complaining about Tyler, and I started whinging about things too. Then he talked about breaking up, and I told him not to (what a wierd thing to say aye? I killed my chances? lolz). I even gave him relationship advice and all this jolly crap.

Vic complained more about how Tyler is being more distant, less engaging /talkative, and not spending enough time with him. He said he never really had a phonecall like this with him too (which I was surprised about). Then I even stood up for Tyler. But then afterwards Vic told me he is going to cheat on Tyler this December holiday with some guys in Taiwan. Vic told me he was lonely because Tyler is being distant from him. I didn't blame Vic completely you know because Tyler isn't being reasonable with Vic himself. I think it's because Vic placed such a high expectation of Tyler and Tyler didn't fill them so Vic ended up having to need something artificial to compensate for the gaping hole in his heart. I dno. Well, he invited me to live at his house for a week in Decemeber too, and he said I could meet some of his other gay friends too. Well, I thought that was a great idea so yeah. We talked about all sorts of wierd stuff too... it just won't make sense if I write it out...

Out of somewhere I also talked about how Tyler used to like me during his relationship with Vic. Vic said he alreadi kind of knew but Tyler never admitted or talked about it with him.

Hmm we also talked about gaydars and shit, and about how we met Tyler (yes omgz we are so obsessed over him? Lolz), about whether he's a girl or guy in a relationship, and many many more random crap. Then we talked about what types of guys we like, and our past crushes, topics about our gayness, or homosexuality in general. Then we started talking what we did with guys before... We're like so open about all this kind of thing. He told me what he's done with his boyfriends before... while I told him about nothing because I haven't done anything with anyone lolz. But hory cow, that subject inevitably led to the subject of sex and condoms and we were like talking about it and making jokes about it too. Well, mind you... when I looked at my watch when I went to bed it was past 2 am (Yeah, 4 hours 10-2!). And then we were like on a massive high... it seems like we were drunk... he started like flirting with me and I was like flirting too. In the end we were like singing songs to each other/ together or w/e and saying random crap and just randomly laughing.

Well, just a question... what your people's thoughts about this phonecall?


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So how's MSN gay?

So how's MSN gay?