Results of homecoming

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i don't know how to put this,but i am such a nerd!not like thick brim,suspender wearing,dungeons and dragons playin(its ok),science club,and over acheiver nerd,but a kinda hyper-active,shy,dorky nerd(the cool kind).last night(friday) was my schools homecoming and we had a big parade and ceremony which me and a few of my senior buddies made shirts for(one of our friends was a maid),anyway everyone was so hyper,except me.

I don't really know why,but i was calm,for a while,everything was going ok that day,me and my girlfriend got into a little bit of a spat(over some sophomore chick who i hung with),but we got past it until school was out.and one of my best friends wanted me to ride to the game with her,which was cool,but i told her that i wasn't sure if i wanted to ride with her,because lately at the games i've been ditching her and our other friends to hang with my party buddies,but she it was cool,so i rode with her the game i met up with my girlfriend(Jesse)and we just hung out,but she said i was enbarrassing her,with my b immaturity(throwing skittles at people)and she stormed off,leaving me with the rest of my friends,where we jumped and cheered as our school won our first homecoming in...well its been a while since we won at homecoming,and to top it all off,there was a dance afterwards,which my girlfriend refused to go to she said meanly,"I don't do dances". but I didn't let it phase me any because me and my buddies went and we dance the night away,with guys,girls,and a few faculty members!(softball coach)but anyway,while at the dance this chick like came up to me and started dancin all upin my space(i kinda liked it)but later i found out that one of my girlfriends many ex's saw me,and texted her the details and a photo,that bitch!

I later got several texts from my girlfriend which i didn't answer because i couldn't feel my phone vibrate in my pocket,actually i couldn't feel much of anything below the waist(there was a body dancing)but she called me at least six times leaving hateful and jealous messages on my phone.I didn't really call her back till after the dance was over at midnite and i went to taco bell for my fourth meal,with the chick that was dancing with me at the girlfriend heard another voice in the background and immediately started yelling that i have no reason to be out that late with some chick i don't even know(which was true)and that the next time she goes out without me,she'll bring along some strange emo/rocker chick.

I don't really understand my girlfriend and her fits they range from cute to annoying.but anyway after i dropped off the girl from the dance,i swung by girlfriends house at 1 in the morning,since i knew she wouldn't be going to sleep anytime soon(her jealous rage keeps her from sleeping).Instead od doing the unpolite thing and ringing the doorbell at 1am,I just went through the back,and to the ladder she has by her window(inside joke from Dawson's Creek,ahhh the good old days)but when i got to her window it was lokced!She eventually let me after i begged for 10mins,she wouldn't so much as look at me without have a,you cheating whore look on her face,since it was late she told me to grab a blanket out of her closet,and she threw me a pillow and to make a pallet on the floorand that i lost all privileges to her sleep in her bed(imaginary line down the middle).I dint care all that much..but at least i can say i made a new friend(Lyndsey)whose number i got and that i had a kick ass time at homecoming even without my girlfriend!I'm such a nerd...but the cool kind(hangs with all the preppy people).well thats all i got..til until our next encounter!