saga of seven suns

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hey has anyone read the saga of seven suns its so great theres five books out so far 2 more to go cant wait. its set 5 hundred years in the future ( i thnk well real far in the future any way) the humans have faster than light speed travel learned from a race of aliens called ildrians alot like humans, they can actually breed together weird but yeh. well anyway there are 3 factions of humans one the main group with earth at its centre and called the hansiatic league and theres the roamers who are free from earth and very succesfull traders and theres therons who are connected with a sentient race of trees called verdani.
there are also different groups of aliens the trees called verdani and water beings called wental and fire beings called faeros plus the ildrians and klikiss robots.
well anyway the hansiatic league turns a gas giant into a new star an in doing so kill of millions of advanced aliens which inhabit gas giants called hydrogues. they declare war on earth,. the books are full of suspense and i think a great read.

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btw its written by Kevin J. Anderson