She. is. insane.

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Seriously. She licks people as a threat. I ask her why she does that. She says she does that to me because it works and because I'm gay.

I mean seriously. 0_0 She told me that it's my weakness. What is going on in that head of hers?

We were watching Chrono Crusade, and she told me to say that Chrono is cute, just to make her feel better, so I told her that Rosette is cute just to annoy her. Even though I don't really think so. Haha. And also, I'm going to cosplay as chrono someday. It'd be fun.

And she warned me again not to get the hots for her. (3rd time now. Like telling a person that would make a difference either way.) Really weird. I got really close to telling her today too but I decided it wasn't a good time.

And she still sits on my lapt a lot and leans on me a lot. And I tried to ask her why she sits on my lap all the time and she wouldn't awnser... Again. She always changes the subject when I ask that. Weird.

Today was fun though. Besides the normal massive confusion. She gave me a piggyback ride. I tried to give her one too but I'm too weak and I fell over. I feel so pathetic.

And apparently there's something "feminine" about liking guys. And liking girls makes me more "masculine"... No I don't get it either. She's more of a tomboy than I am. Her favorite colors are blue and red, she plays sports, borrows her brothers clothes from time to time, and acts genrally, more boyish than I do. Being lesbian dosen't make you butch... Being butch makes you butch.

It's a little weird, I can talk to her sister pretty well. For a long time too. But I can't get Sora to stop watching things when she's here. She's either on the net on my computer... Which annoys me. Or watching anime. Sometimes I just wish that there would be a power outage so we'd be forced to talk. I preffer talking to her than watching things with her... How do I talk to her without it seeming weird?

Anddd. I'm going to try to get my dad to go to the mall. They're taking pre-orders for the Wii. (Unless they're out as fast as they claimed they would be on the site.. Which I dobut.)


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Oh dear... maybe you should s

Oh dear... maybe you should say something like "Let's go for a walk" because that'll get her out of the house and then you can talk to her. I don't know why she would tell you not to get the hots for her. But if I were you, I'd remember what it was like when you wanted to get Sora to let you tell her things, and act the same way. Talk to her, give her moments to think of something to say... I dunno. I think you two need a little heart to heart.

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:hugs: extra ones, just try t

:hugs: extra ones, just try to hang in there, and don't hope for too much. it was weird with my best friend/crush after we came out to each other, and i avoided talking to her aboutit in the hopes that it would "all get better", but the sad thing is it didn't. things can go either way no matter what you do, but its best to talk before its too late. it maybe be weird, it probably will be, but it seems to me by talking you have a better chance. btw, i agree about Stagg when it comes to walking, movement always makes things seem less awkward to begin with.

hugs, luck, and peace

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