shit i jinxed my luck

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shit i jinxed my luck with my other journel entry
so yesterday right after i write the last journel entry i went to this mandodtory
singing audition and failed so bad it hurt
and now my girlfriends telling me she might like someone more than me
shit shit shit shit
uggg i just jinxed my luck
shit and now im kinda deppressed again


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dude that sucks. im really

dude that sucks. im really sorry. Wow you mustve had a crappy day with all that going on.

I love the pain, I hate the pain.

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Sure she she just didn't tell you that to make you jalous? I mean, why would she tell you that? That's just downright mean!

Hope you'll get some luck from now on *Blows on this message* See? Now it's all lucky and stuff. *Oh, sorry I drooled a bit...*

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were like over now but im s

were like over now
but im so pissed whyd she ask me out if she apperntly likes this girl for like a year and the girl like her back
this + me = :(
nothing iz real
john lennon