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Does anyone else ever feel skeptical that people really like them? I always feel like my friends probably don't really like me and I'm boring. I just can't see that they really want to be my friend. Its more of a "I have known you since preschool so we have to be friends" thing. When a guy seems interested I am skeptical too....not that I care whether he does or not haha! But I always wonder how anyone could like me. Even when it seemed that this one guy had a crush on me for like, 3 years, I still didn't believe it until he started actually coming onto me in the last year. I'm worried I'm never going to be comfortable enough to allow someone to love me because I will always be questioning it.....and probably always chase them away with it or they will think I don't love them back because I'll be too afraid to let myself get attached. It makes my stomach turn thinking about it. I feel like I will never be loved and that I don't deserve it.

I'm just feeling really lonely. But too tired to go out and meet new people. It takes such an effort. It'd be worth the effort though, but I have NO ENERGY!


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me too

yeah, i feel exactly the same way sometimes - like if people knew everything about me they would run screaming. However, on my optimistic days, I realize people are more accepting than I give them credit for, and that if you're not afraid to be yourself, people might
just love you for who you are, and you might just let them. I know - easier said than done, but just stop worrying that you're never going to be comfortable enough to allow someone to love you. realizing you deserve to be loved can be a long process, like realizing you're gay, so just take it one step at a time.

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yes, i'm very skeptical that

yes, i'm very skeptical that people like me. i usually high doubt it, and anyone that i spend time with has gone through the process of my distancing them first. try to set concrete goals for meeting new people, like, 'today i will go to such and such meeting, and will smile at at least three of the people there, and say hi to at least one' i actually have to remind myself before i go somewhere to be social. good luck, and give yourself some credit. remind yourself, just because you have a low opinion of you, doesn't mean that everyone else does too... if someone's making an effort to be near you, they probably don't think you're so bad.

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I know what you mean, I'm always skeptical about whether people really like me,but I think we as people judge ourselves more harshly than others do for the most part anyway. Meeting new people does help get over this. I am usually surprised when people like me but if they are hanging around you there must be a reason!

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