Slip of the Tongue

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A song I wrote a while ago that basically sums up the greatest fears of a closeted LGBT person...

You live a good life
You’re a popular kid
You’re the ruler of the school society
Loved and respected by all
But one day
You fall victim to an old-fashioned
Slip of the tongue
You say the wrong thing
Your secret is revealed

That kid who dressed like you
Is following someone else’s style
Nobody wants to sit with you
At your lunch table
You get booed in the halls
You’re the target of one thousand pranks
Nobody shows sympathy
You’ve been demoted

What could make you plummet from
An insider to a reject?
It’s really a very simple thing
A simple matter of homophobia

You’re an animal in a zoo
An underdog rolling in mud
People pass you and whisper,
“What a freak!"
Isn’t it hard to believe
It’s such a surprising thing
It’s strange how one slip of the tongue
Can hurt you so badly

Your once loving friends
Have shoved you away
That person of the opposite gender
Who liked you
Has ran away in disgust
The people who admired you
Who idolized your image
Have burned their pictures of you
Tossed you into the trash

You’re an animal in a cage
A bird with clipped wings
People walk past you and scream,
“Hello, freak!”
Isn’t it amazing
Isn’t it fascinating
That one little slip of the tongue
Can cause so much pain

You’ve got to face the facts
You need help
But you’re too stubborn to admit it
Your parents know nothing
They’re starting to worry
You have to fend off the school counselor
You’re drowning in your life

You don’t want to tell your parents
You’re afraid it’ll ruin your home life, too
But they’re closing in
Trying to keep their eyes on you
Asking too many questions
This horrible secret of yours
Is destroying you from the inside out
Why, oh, why
Did you have to be cursed like this?

You’re drowning inside of yourself
Lost in memory
Beating yourself up over one little detail
That single mistake
Oh, isn’t it odd
Isn’t it so amazing
How one little slip of the tongue
One slip of the tongue
Isn’t it crazy
How one slip of the tongue
Can be so devastating?


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I like it. The flow is a litt

I like it. The flow is a little off at the beginning, but it gets a nice meter after the first few stanzas. Good job!

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?